wood fired pizza oven

Make your Pizza Oven a Design Feature

How to make your pizza oven a feature in your outdoor living area


wood fired pizza oven


It’s no secret that backyards are getting smaller, and homeowners are having to economise when it comes to picking the right décor and features for entertaining.

For many, the issue with outdoor living spaces is that there isn’t always enough space to place all your necessary gadgets and equipment with a wow-factor series of stunning focal pieces like ponds, fountains and impressively structured garden beds.

One way to combat this issue to source essential items that can double as features – take the outdoor pizza oven for instance!

So how can this once humble piece of cooking equipment jazz-up your outdoor entertaining area? We pulled together our top tips to help you perfectly plan your outdoor space.


Turn a tight corner into a cook’s corner

If you’re left with a somewhat tight courtyard or patio area, dump the old greasy barbeque left neglected in the corner and replace it with a built-in wood-fired pizza oven option.

Pizza ovens can be configured to work with a number of space options, so you can not only use more of the space available but create a stunning centrepiece for your guests chowing down on a fresh and crispy homemade meal.


Create a simple outdoor kitchen option

Outdoor kitchens are unfortunately often a very expensive installation, requiring tedious plumbing and electrical work alongside expert fitting to ensure the safest operation. However, with a wood fired pizza oven, users can rely solely on one source of fuel – wood – to create a versatile and effective cooking appliance.

Pizza ovens aren’t just great for pizzas, they are extremely efficient ovens that can bake and roast anything from breads and slices to casseroles and whole fish.

This means that you can swap out the mouldy barbeque and unnecessary gas hobs for a simple system that can cook family-sized meals in just minutes.

Pizza ovens are easy to maintain and clean, and with a striking design that works in cohesion with outdoor kitchen surfaces, these ovens make it easier to keep on top of your meal preparation and entertaining.


Beauty can be found in the quality

A cheap barbeque does look great the first time you light it, but what happens in the weeks, months and years of consistent use? Greasy spots, rust, scratches and marks can dull your barbeque and taint the flavour of the food, an embarrassing result if you’re hosting friends and family!

Woodfire pizza ovens are solidly built for longevity and heat conservation. Reaching top heat in as little as 30 minutes, pizza ovens reduce spills, smears, grease and grime to wash – making cleaning as easy as a sweep and vacuum.

The iconic shape isn’t just for making great food either, pizza ovens are a spectacle to watch in action, and with pizzas baked to perfection in minutes, they are magnets for hungry guests.


Modern or classic Mediterranean, the choice is yours

Pizza ovens are not just versatile cookers, they work with a multitude of outdoor décor designs.

Working with freestanding plinths or built-in cooktops, the ovens can be coloured to match, enhance or complement your existing or updated scheme.

From intimate internal courtyards with a Mediterranean charm, through to tropical poolside retreats and modern outdoor kitchenettes, the versatility of the wood fired pizza oven means that they need very little to work effectively – just some safe clearance and a close supply of wood!


Something as simple as a wood fired pizza oven can dramatically change the way you look and use your outdoor space.

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