Maintaining Your Roof

Maintaining Your Roof

Roofs require attention more than you realize. keeping you safe from the hot sun and hailing storms. A roof renovation can be a tedious and costly task. However, with scheduled inspections, you can lower the chances of your roof damage by half!

With time, your roof may lose a shingle here and there and become prone to leakage. The best way to go is to hire professional help that will inspect your roof for you. Experts offer a detailed inspection and will tell you about timely repairs that cost a lot less. But hiring these experts can be expensive itself.

If you want to save up on money, time and energy, you can go for inspection yourself. All you need is proper knowledge about roof maintenance; where to look, and what to check.


  • Remove Debris

Debris cause moisture. Molds and moisture are one of the major reasons your roof may get eaten away and expose leakage or cracks. It depends on the kind of roof to decide how to remove debris off of it, but the most common ways are to use a leaf blower. In case of heavy debris accumulation, you may need to hire someone to go up and clean your roof by scrubbing and washing.

But remember, never to power wash your roof. The pressure from the power wash can drive water further into the shingles and crevices in the roof, causing more harm than good.



Maintaining Your Roof



  • Trim Nearby Trees

Fallen trees and broken branches can disrupt the water retention system during heavy rainfalls, and snowfall. A clogged gutter system will only cause moisture retention and leakage in the attic. It is imperative to trim the branches off of nearby trees so they don’t get stuck in the water pipes.

Apart from this, hanging branches from the trees will gauge and scratch the exterior of the roof and fallen branches can cause serious damage by breaking a shingle or two when they fall due.



Roof Maintenance



  • Inspect The Shingles

Look for signs of any broken, curled or missing shingles from your roof. Also inspect any other kind of damage, leakage, holes, wear, and tears. It is easier and inexpensive to replace a shingle or two or hire to hire someone to do so. Seal any cracks, holes,and leakage carefully with cement.


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  • Moss and Algae

Check for signs of fungus or algae. These combine together to form moss, and not only cause damage to the roof but also carry bacteria that can cause illness among inhabitants.

Rust can damage metal roofs and if you find rust on your roof, scrub it off with a wire brush, then prime and paint the metal.


  • Roof Hygiene

It’s only fair that you clean your roof like any other part of the house. It is opted by experts to deep clean your roof at least once a year. This includes the process of replacing any missing shingles, removal of debris, taking care of leakage, cracks, and holes.

You could do it your self by buying roof cleaning materials from any home improvement store and putting aside a few hours or hard work. Or you could leave it to the experts and hire professionals to do it for you.


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It all comes down to the type of roof you have. Flat roofs are easier to clean that sloping roofs because it easier to stand on the prior as compared to the latter. Metal roofs have a good life and aren’t prone to any damage as compared to its counterparts. It also depends on the kind of metal you’ve chosen. Greens roofs require as much care as your landscaping project on the ground.

With scheduled check-ups, routine maintenance and roof hygiene you’ll be able to get the most out of the expected life of your roof.

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