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Low Maintenance BBQ’s

If you are a barbecue enthusiast, you understand the cost implications of keeping up with the hobby. A good grill can cost an arm and a leg. Depending on the features you want, the brand you prefer and the size of the grill the purchasing costs can into hundreds of thousands. The cheap barbecue grills have high maintenance costs. Despite the high-cost implications, there are numerous ways to make barbecuing affordable. Don’t compromise on purchasing a good barbecue since quality units have low maintenance costs. High-end barbecue designers invest heavily in developing durable and low maintenance features that reduce the cost of barbecuing. If you are looking into saving, here are some of the top low maintenance BBQs in the market.


Weber Spirit II E-320 Gas BBQ

When discussing low maintenance BBQs, gas barbecues cannot be overlooked. These high-efficiency low maintenance barbecue grills are a new introduction into the market and they are making quite the fuss. The Weber Spirit II E-320 is an affordable gas barbecue with the best value for money. The unit runs on natural gas or low petroleum gas, cheap fuel options for barbecuing. The low petroleum gas model has a precision gauge to monitor fuel consumption and reduce wastage. The GS4 cooking system that comes as a standard feature on the grill is an efficient, cost-effective barbecuing solution that significantly reduces the running costs on the unit.


Weber Genesis II LX E440 BBQ

This is a premium gas BBQ that is worth every single penny. The barbecue features the latest cutting-edge technology and it’s a testimony of what happens when technology meets barbecuing. Cleaning the grill is always a daunting task. Sticky juices and hard stains remain on the grill once you are done enjoying your meal. Cleaning involves getting special products and spending hours scrubbing down the barbecue. For the Genesis II LX E440, the grill doesn’t get dirty. The GS4 fat management system directs debris and fat away from the burners, into a disposable drip tray. The trays are set up below the cooking area out of your way as you cook. Therefore, waste disposal and cleaning are simple since the grill rarely gets harsh stains and debris.



Weber BBQ


Weber Summit Charcoal

Charcoal barbecues can be messy but not the Weber Summit. This is a unique barbecue that has a rustic kettle design with contemporary features. The unit features a three-stage venting and cleaning system that makes cleaning and ash disposal easy. The stainless steel one-touch cleaning system is among the biggest selling points of the Weber Summit. Moreover, the Summit has a sturdy design that is certain to last for years. The porcelain enamelled bowl and lid make the unit durable while the non-rust aluminium vents make for long-lasting components. The Summit also has a double-walled construction with a removable high capacity ash catcher. All these features reduce your maintenance costs and make roasting a steak more convenient.


Masport Ambassador

For a low maintenance inbuilt BBQ, go for the Masport Ambassador. This is a compact design that makes great barbecues. It has a stunning build that is both durable and unique. Stainless steel is an easy to clean metal that reduces the maintenance costs of fittings. The Masport Ambassador has numerous stainless steel components including the burners, flame tamers and the grill. Therefore, in case tough stains land on your barbecue, you can easily scrub down the unit. The burners get the most insult when it comes to barbecues. Sometimes maintenance involves replacing or repairing the burners. Fortunately, Masport invests in heavy duty burners that are certain to last for years despite the heat insult. Although the unit is pricey, it has alow maintenance and does its job exceptionally well.



Low Maintenance BBQs


Beefeater Discovery 1100S

Stainless steel is a low maintenance material that is popular in the construction of fittings. Normal barbecues have stainless steel components on their burners and the grill. However, the Beefeater Discovery 11005 is mostly made out of stainless steel. The unit has stainless steel vaporizers, barbecue, cabinetry, and roasting hood. The cooktop is made of rust-resistant cast iron and the burner also incorporates durable cast iron. The BBQ is easy to clean making it convenient for any barbecue enthusiast.

As you make your purchase, consider the easy to clean additional features on a barbecue. From the stainless steel components to the use of rust resistant materials, the build of a barbecue goes a long way in reducing its maintenance cost. Go for durable units that will last for years. A barbecue with a warranty is one that is guaranteed to last without the need for regular repairs. Invest in something that gives you great value for money. It may be expensive to purchase but the maintenance cost will be low. Good quality equals low maintenance.


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