Lopi Linear Gas Fireplaces

Lopi Linear Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are a recent entry in home heating solutions. The fireplaces have gained popularity drastically and are currently giving wood heaters stiff competition. The debate of whether gas or wood fireplaces are better is still unresolved as new technologies are introduced to improve the efficiency of both fittings. Gas fireplaces have the advantage of being energy efficient and convenient. On the other hand, wood fuel is cheaper. Nonetheless, gas fireplaces have taken the market by storm and currently, numerous big names have their models in Australian homes.

Lopi Linear Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces come in different designs ranging from freestanding fireplaces and inserts to linear gas fireplaces. The freestanding fireplaces require no surrounding enclosure and come in an array of designs. Both traditional and contemporary designs are available for the fireplace and high definition log sets are designed to augment the look. Inserts, on the other hand, are installed into the masonry. They are ideal for replacing pre-existing fireplaces. Inserts are designed for ease of installation and come with a flexible flue, multiple faces and finishing panels to fit perfectly into the existing opening. Linear gas fireplaces are an elegant selection for living spaces. The fireplace is always the talking point of many interior designs.

Linear gas fireplaces are installed into the masonry, but they stretch out more than standard fireplaces. The design offers a wide view of the flames making it more attractive. Some models have double viewing designs. Lopi linear gas fireplaces are among the most stylish installations on the market. They are renowned for their unique designs and impeccable performance. The models in the linear gas fireplace series can serve the needs of any home. They vary in size, performance and design but they all share one thing in common, the reputation to always impress. Here are some of the top-selling models, you should consider installing in your home.

  • The Lopi 3615 HO GS2- 950mm Wide

This unit is the smallest in the line-up of Lopi gas fireplaces. It’s best suited for small room proportions and walls. Despite the size of the 3615, it still delivers impressive heat output. The fireplace can handle a capacity of 158 sq. metres with a kW output of 7.2Kw. The unit has a zero-clearance installation, dual blowers and accent lights. Moreover, the Lopi 3615 can be remotely controlled with a standard wall thermostat remote. The unit also features a glass viewing area of over 850mm. For the bed, an array of options is available from rock embers to 4 colour options. You can also choose a traditional log, tumbled stone or driftwood twig and stones as additional media. To compliment the fire, the fireplace comes with a black painted fire-back liner, black enamel, silver or ledgestone.

  • The Lopi Probuilder 42

The first model in the Probuilder Lopi gas fireplace series is the Probuilder 42. It’s the best solution for anyone looking to heat their home while saving on costs. The unit offers more heat for less cost due to its impressive efficiency. The Lopi Probuilder 42 has a heat capacity of around 100sq. meters. The Kw output is 4.62. The venting system is a direct vent-natural draft system. Twin blowers ensure the heat distribution is adequate for a large space. The burner uses GreenSmart technology to improve the efficiency of the system. Aside from the performance, the Probuilder 42 has a sleek, elegant styling coupled with a futuristic viewing area that gives an unimpeded view of the tall flames. The GreenSmart Basic remote control comes as an available option in the model. The fireplace has a heavy-duty construction that guarantees years of service.

  • The Lopi 4415ST HO G2S

This is a stunning double-sided fireplace that features ceramic glass to improve heat output. The unit is certain to be a talking point in any interior space. The large viewing area augments the entire design the fireplace offering an uninterrupted view of the tall flames. The finishes on the fireplace are elegant and accents are a standard feature. The Lopi 4415ST not only looks good but also performs extremely well. It’s a suitable heating option for large living spaces or multiple connected rooms. The fireplace has a heating capacity of 185sq. meters. It has dual blowers that can distribute heat to either side of the fireplace. The unit comes with a standard wall mounted thermostat remote and a Diamond-Fyre burner system. The ventilation system is direct, and the output is totalled at 9.38 kW. The Lopi 4415ST saves on energy and looks good while doing it.

Lopi linear gas fireplaces never disappoint. With the wide variety available you cannot fail to find the perfect unit for your home. Although the fireplaces are a heavy investment, they are worth every single coin. They have a long lifespan coupled with outstanding efficiency to ensure you save on heating costs.

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