What to look for in a Protein Bar

What to look for in a Protein Bar

Eating healthy and taking in a balanced diet of fresh vegetables and fruit, lean proteins and whole grains is an essential part of staying healthy. But especially if you have decided to shed some kilos or put on muscle mass, taking in the right amount of protein is essential to make your workout count. Including good quality protein sources in your daily diet is furthermore important when you recover from an injury or exercise at the gym.


After a serious workout, protein helps your muscles to recover and repair faster and is, therefore, the perfect nutrition when added to a meal along with healthy fats and carbohydrates, as they will keep you feeling satiated. Getting the right amount of protein into your body will not only help you meet your fitness goals as the nutrient will give you energy during sports but support muscle growth and the recovery process of muscle tissue after a workout.

What to look for in a Protein Bar

There are food options that are naturally high in protein such as fish, turkey and eggs and when you watch your diet, make sure you also have healthy snacks at hand like nuts, fruits, vegetable sticks and boiled eggs to give you enough energy until the next meal. But for those of you who are always on the go, turning to protein bars for supplement every now and then to keep your energy level high throughout the day is a great option if you don’t have time to plan all your meals ahead.


Not only are protein bars convenient to turn to as they are easy to pack in a bag and carry around, they also don’t require all the measuring and mixing like protein shakes and can be eaten on the way to the gym or taken in for a pre-lunch snack when in a rush. Having a protein bar at hand whenever you feel hungry is much better than stopping for a snack at a fast food restaurant or the common chocolate bar and many protein bars also come in various different flavours to satisfy your cravings for sweet snacks.


A lot of gym people consider protein bars as a snack replacement. If you do so, make sure the one you’re having does not contain unnecessary added carbohydrates and sugars to limit your daily intake and prevent weight gain due to a high-calorie intake. If you want to include protein bars in your daily diet, you will have to choose the right bar wisely, as not all of them will make you reach your fitness goal and might make you gain weight at the wrong body parts and not help to build up muscle. Keep in mind that there are many options of protein bars on the market and some more nutritious than others.


Quest bars have satisfied fitness fanatics for a long time as the bars are packed with 20 grams of solid protein and come in a variety of flavours to choose from such as apple pie, lemon cream pie, rocky road and mint choc chunk. A lot of protein bars use a low-quality source of protein such as gelatine or soy. Gelatine is an animal by-product made from hoofs, skin, horns and bones and a lot of poor quality bars are also packed with high amounts of sugar and other unnecessary additives.


Quest bars are made with the highest source of protein, whey, and are also high in fibre, which helps control appetite and helps digestive health. To every bar, there are healthy fats added by a specific nut mix like peanuts, almonds, cashews and nut butter, which also keeps the bars soft and chewy. The reason why so many fitness people are able to meet their goals when choosing a quest bar as a supplement is that they are also very low in sugar.

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