Limestone Paver Options

Limestone is a natural stone formed at the bottom of waterbodies. It forms through sedimentation and compaction that result in a strong rock. The strength and durability of limestone make it a great choice for paving. Limestone pavers are popular in many outdoor spaces. Their application is vast but their performance is consistently impressive. Here are a few ways to use limestone paving in your living space


When it comes to driveway paving, limestone is a great choice.The stone performs well on strength and can endure the weight of vehicles. Limestone pavers can also take on a lot of foot traffic present at the front. The surface on your driveway needs plenty of grip to facilitate movement of cars and people. A flamed finish on limestone paving offers sufficient anti-slip texture for movement. Even with a wet surface the paving retains its traction and performs well all year round. Limestone paving also offers unmatched aesthetic appeal good for a driveway. The stone makes the entrance to your home beautiful and welcoming.


Limestone paving is great for walkways. They offer a neat path around your yard and garden. Moreover, the walkways also offer a unique aesthetic appeal that accentuates your landscaping design. There are numerous creative ways to lay limestone paving for a walkway. Some of the popular laying patterns include the running bond, herring-bone and pinwheel. The pavers can also be spaced to allow for growth of grass or leave room for unique filling materials like shells.

Pool decks

If you are looking for a natural stone that can be installed around the pool, limestone is a great choice. Limestone pavers perform well around moist conditions. The stone also reflects heat and doesn’t get hot underfoot on sunny days. Despite a wet surface, limestone pavers retain enough grip to prevent accidents around the pool. Before installing limestone pavers around your pool ensure they pass the salt test. The test analyses the porosity of the limestone to salt.


Patio spaces are diverse in application. They are great for outdoor lounging or dining. Limestone pavers are among the best flooring options for patios. The stone looks good and offers a unique aesthetic appeal. Limestone pavers come in different colours and open creative doors when used in patios. Moreover, the flexibility on laying the pavers allows personalization of the flooring. Limestone also requires less maintenance, a great advantage for any outdoor flooring.

Outdoor kitchen

A kitchen is a great addition to an outdoor space. It forms the perfect barbecue area especially when coupled with an outdoor dining area. The design of outdoor kitchens takes into account the exposure to the elements and landscape style. All fixtures in the kitchen are designed from durable materials including the floor. Limestone paving is a common choice for outdoor kitchen flooring due to its unmatched performance. The stone is durable and does not stain easily. Moreover, limestone pavers have minimal maintenance requirements. They come in a variety of colours and blend seamlessly with many outdoor designs.

Limestone pavers have numerous applications in outdoor spaces. They are a worthwhile investment if you are looking to raise property value, install practical pavers and accentuate the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Moreover, the stone performs exceptionally well on almost all fronts. Install limestone pavers and start enjoying the benefits.

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