Key Benefits of Travertine Pavers

Travertine is a natural stone that appears in a variety of textures, colours and sizes. It is used in building and landscaping. The stone is commonly used around pool decks, outdoor patios and garden edges. There are two cuts of travertine pavers for you to choose either cross-cut stone (cut vertically from bedrock) which has beautiful circular patterns or vein-cut (harvested parallel from the bedrock) with attractive linear patterns. Travertine has numerous benefits compared to other stone materials like cement.

Resistance to efflorescence

Even after leaving it bare to the elements over a long time, the travertine is resistant to discolouring. It is a unique limestone with various earth tone colours usually absorbed from nearby minerals. For example, if it is near iron ores, the oxide from the iron will blend with the stone to create different shades of colouring. The colours usually vary from lighter ivory, beige and creams to dark brown and walnut. These colours will not fade over time as the material becomes better with age.


Travertine is less expensive to buy in comparison to other stones like marble. It requires less maintenance as it is effortless to clean. The stone does not gather debris like moss and mildew. Cleaning it annually with a pressure washer would suffice.


The limestone is an excellent alternative to cement as a pool deck. Its non-slip surface makes it safe for walking and playing without falling and hurting yourself around the pool. This is because its porosity allows for high friction efficiency, especially when wet as it will enable absorption of water.

Durability and Strength

Travertine can withstand all weather and erosion without deteriorating. It is also twice as strong as concrete. This is caused by the intense pressure the stone goes through over decades before it is harvested. Ancient buildings like the Colosseum is an excellent example to serve as evidence of the density of this stone.


The limestone is cool to sit and walk barefoot on. It does not reflect heat and make the surrounding environment as hot. The stone can also go through freezing without deforming or cracking. It resists damage from wind and rain, thus preserving its elegance and safety.

All-natural tone

The earthy tone influenced by the paver’s colouring enables it to blend effortlessly with your landscape and even decor design. It is used for outdoor flooring, driveways and walkways, the borders around gardens and flowerbeds, all to provide a tasteful exterior.

Versatile Functions

When used in outside spaces, travertine can be used as flooring in patios and flooring. Useful for when guests come over as it can handle all the foot traffic. It is also easy to clean spills and stains from food and wine. It is useful as treads for stairs and paths leading up to a door. In the interior, travertine makes good floors and walls. It will turn your kitchen and or bathrooms unique and attractive.


Consider investing in travertine pavers for a unique, durable, affordable and safe option for your exteriors and patios. Consult an expert on the finishing that is best for your use depending on your needs. Tumbled travertine pavers absorb water and help keep your pool area non-slippery. Alternatively honed, polished and filled travertine is best for flooring and walls.

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