Is Bigger always better?

How to make your large room more cohesive

We are proud of this conversation.

We are proud because it pushes the envelope on the typical interior bedroom design conversations and perspectives.

We often hear the stigma regarding small bedrooms and our dislike for these tiny spaces that totally dilutes interior design and your capabilities.

Have you ever swapped perspectives?

It is our opinion that a room can also be too big.  Sometimes, a master bedroom can be so regal and spacious that it totally misses the point when it comes to a cozy, intimate retreat.

Square footage is one thing, but you can actually select and arrange furniture that will tie a large space together.

You don’t want your bedroom to feel like two disjointed rooms or a large living room with a bed in it.

We show you a few ways to make your fuse your big room into a cozy retreat.

Anchor the Room with a Wardrobe

In a large bedroom, you want to be mindful of too many smaller, random pieces of furniture placed about the room.  Having this furniture arrangement will make the room appear cluttered and disconnected.

You want to make sure you have a large statement piece that will anchor your bedroom.  In fact, you can actually have a couple of anchor pieces, but these will need to be the focus that tie in all of the elements of the room.

For the bedroom, your actual bed will serve as an anchor, so we recommend adding a wardrobe for an additional anchor piece.

In a large bedroom, if your budget permits, you have the option of getting the most prestigious of all the wardrobes, a built in fitted custom wardrobes.

A fitted wardrobe provides tons of extra space and integrates into the existing floor space.  You can get mirrored doors, swinging or sliding doors, the options are endless.

A wardrobe will quickly become another focal point of the room while tying in the other pieces from a design perspective and providing more functionality with the storage space.

Add an Area Rug

An area rug provides extra depth and character into a room, especially a large space.

You want to be sure to get an extra-large rug that covers a lot of ground to truly bring together the space.  You can double up on rugs if necessary, to cover the additional floor space, bringing a cozier feel to the bedroom.

A rug provides extra absorption for sound and also soften the bedroom.  The lack of echo and having textured accessory like a rug brings a sense of home to the area instantly.

A Touch of Color

It is well known to use lighter colors for small rooms to make them appear more spacious.  For large rooms, darker tones are fitting as they present a limited space illusion.  You can consider dark wallpapers or fabrics with dark patterns to find a cohesive look.

Walls that are painted in deep, warm and dark colors absorb outside light and will for sure make a space feel smaller than what it really is, giving it a homey, cozy appeal.

After you paint or outfit your walls with darker wall paper, don’t forget about that ceiling!

Painting the ceiling will envelope the room even further because the ceiling will appear lower, also making the room feel smaller.

While the shell of the room being darkened is important, be sure to incorporate dark furniture in the space as well.

We understand, furnishing a space can be difficult, especially a large space.  With these best practices, we are confident you can move forward with your furniture search prepared with a designer’s eye that will unite the space.


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