Leather Lounges

How To Take Care Of Leather Lounges

Furniture can be challenging to preserve, but leather is among the sturdier fabrics that are easy to keep in top shape. Before anything, it essential to know the kind of leather you have. This ensures that you use the proper cleaning measures and increase the longevity of your leather covers.

Forms of Leather

The best way of knowing the kind of leather on your equipment is by reading the labels attached to it. In most cases, the producer usually includes care instructions in the label.  If you cannot locate the label, here is how to know the kind of leather you have.

Unprotected Leather

This is also known as aniline or unfinished leather. It is soft and cosy. Since it has little modifications, unfinished leather usually has markings and surface grains.

Aniline leather is costlier than other forms, even though it is more inclined to get stains.

Protected Leather

The majority of leather lounges are made of protected leather. The outermost layer adds toughness and stain-resistance to the cosiness of pure aniline.  Since it has an added pigment layer, it is referred to as semi-aniline leather. 

How to Increase the Longevity of Leather Lounges

Leather regularly cracks, fades, and stiffens when placed near sources of heat. This is because the high temperatures make it lose moisture. Avoid positioning your leather lounges close to fireplaces or areas that are exposed to direct sunlight.

Use a clean cloth to dust the leather and ensure that you vacuum the crevices at the bottom of the seats to remove all dirt.

If the dirt has accumulated for an extended period, use a soft damp cloth. Make sure that leather does not absorb water before starting this process. After every six months, you should apply a conditioner.

When a spill occurs, use a dry to cloth to blot instead of wiping. This is because wiping spreads the moisture, which further increases the chances of damage to the equipment.

Avoid using ammonia, strong detergents, and harsh solvents to eliminate stains on leather fabric.  These methods can cause extensive damage than the stain. If you cannot remove a stain, it is advisable to contact a leather lounges specialist.

Leather gets scratches easily, meaning that you should avoid using sharp objects near it.  If you accidentally scratch the surface, use your fingers to buff it.  Another way of doing away with scratches is by applying a little amount of distilled water followed by blotting with a dry cloth.

You should avoid placing dyed materials near leather lounges since it absorbs dye quickly. The dye often causes stains that can be challenging to remove.

The best way of making your leather last longer is by investing in protected fabric.  Alternatively, you can buy a protection plan when you acquire new leather lounges. This is mostly applicable when the equipment you purchase is costly and high-quality.


Leather gives a timeless look to any space, especially when you maintain it properly. Observing the tips mentioned above guarantees more durability for your leather lounges.

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