How to Stay On Top Of The Cleaning With Pets That Constantly Seem to Be Moulting

It’s happened again. You’re in a rush to get to work on time for an important meeting and you look down at your expensive suit and realize that it is literally covered in the cat’s fur. “How did that even happen?”, you wonder. Thinking back you remember laying it out on the ironing board while you went to find that shirt you wanted to iron to match your suit. That stupid cat must have leapt up for a comfy place to lay in the all of five minutes you spent looking for your shirt.

Thank god for lint rollers, hey?

If you’re in a similar situation to many of use then you are just addicted to your furry friend, but not so addicted to the trail of fur that they leave all over the darn house. With the amount of fur that they lose you think that they’d be bald by now, wouldn’t you? Well, unfortunately (or fortunately) this is never the case.

If you’re finding that your house and clothes are covered in pet hair, then it’s time to start doing something about it. The battle against pet hair needs to be a multi-pronged approach.

The first line of defense in your battle is the one that we’ve mentioned earlier – the lint roller. A good lint roller is a must have for the handbag or the car, as well as the bedroom, of any self-respecting pet owner. A lint roller is going to save you from looking a mess when you go out in public. You don’t want to be that person who looks like they are a dog themselves. You look dirty and sloppy when you are covered in pet hair. Lint rollers with a sticky surface that lifts off the pet hair are usually the best to use for this purpose.

The next thing on the list needs to be the regular brushing of your pet. A purpose pet brush removes excess hair from your cat or dog, trapping it on the brush. You should brush your pets once or twice a week to ensure they are dropping minimal amounts of hair around the home. Remember to brush pets outside so that excess hair goes outside instead if inside the house, and sweep or vacuum up any excess afterwards.

Regular grooming at the pet groomers is also a good idea if your dog or cat is a long haired one. Trimming your pooch or kitties hair can ensure that the hairs that your pet does drop are not as long and annoying as they might be otherwise. Pets can get groomed around once every one to two months.

Of course, the last one on the list is regular home cleaning. You need to really give your home a good clean at least once a week if you have pets that drop a lot of hair. This means a full cleaning with vacuuming, mopping, dusting, etc. You will be really surprised at the places that pet hair can get to, like up the top of the bookcase!

Many of us particularly dislike cleaning the home. Unless you have a very small apartment, then cleaning the whole house is no mean feat. It may take a whole day, or even more, to completely clean your whole home effectively. This is why many of us find we have an abundance of pet hair around – we simply dislike cleaning, or only do a little bit at a time.

The best solution to this problem is to get a regular weekly cleaner. These people are trained to clean properly and eradicate pet hair most effectively. While it may seem like a little bit of a luxury, it is far nicer than having a home full of pet hair. It’s not nice living in a dirty home.

Why not put some money aside each week to get yourself house cleaning services that come to your home and make things fresh, tidy, and sparkling again every week? You’ll no longer be embarrassed about having people over because of the amount of pet hair floating around, and you’ll no longer feel guilty about putting off cleaning time and time again.

Get in a regular cleaner to get rid of it today, and book in for a recurring service to set and forget.

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