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How to Pick the Perfect Colour of Your Leather Lounge

Leather furniture is the embodiment of a timeless classic. If you call to mind your idea of a well-appointed room with leather furnishings, you may find that they help present a stately aesthetic that truly enhances the space’s overall feel.Moreover, any well-made leather pieces in the home are enduring additions that work well with whatever décor you place with them. Therefore, your leather lounge could be the ideal anchor for the rest of your living space.

Beyond its use, leather also comes in a variety of colours. This option range allows you to stick to a particular colour scheme as you select your décor. Alternatively, you may also exercise your creativity by mixing and matching your palette judiciously. But, if you build your room aesthetic around your leather lounge, its colouring becomes of utmost importance.

So below are a few tips for choosing the colour of your leather lounge based on the primary categories available for your consideration.

Black or Brown Lounges

These two colours form the primary category. Most leather lounge pieces available on the market today carry one or the other hue. Therefore, styling a room with either option can be pretty straightforward. The difference lies in each colour’s overall effect on the room’s aesthetic.

Both black and brown leather lounges create a corporate feel, yet the former option produces a more toned-down, minimalist effect. Conversely, brown lounges give the room a classic, stately feel that invites you to get comfortable with a good book in front of a roaring fireplace for some relaxation.

So, with that in mind, it may be best to opt for black if you are aiming for a stark, contemporary aesthetic. However, brown has to be your go-to for a more staid and more traditional feel.


Neutral colour lounges like light brown, tan, beige and mild greys are ideal if you would prefer to avoid limiting your styling options. These varieties are versatile enough to work well with whatever décor you choose to utilise. They can even act as compliments and anchors to carefully selected colourful pieces that add interest to the room.


White leather lounges are certainly not for the faint of heart. While it is a classic option, it is not easy to maintain. Furthermore, any traces of dirt or even the smallest stains can be glaringly apparent against such a background. Therefore, if you are drawn to this option, you must keep it in a place where children cannot have access, or it is not the primary resting place for guests.

Consequently, owning a white leather lounge is feasible only if you are meticulously tidy and can keep it clean.

Other Colours

While the colours mentioned above form an overview of the colours most widely used in creating leather lounges, the list is not exhaustive. A host of other colours is available that may serve various purposes based on your primary decorating needs. For example, you can opt for a lounge with a solid colour that will work well with a variety of wall colours. This way, you will be free to paint and repaint your walls whenever the urge takes you.

No matter your ideal home aesthetic, you can find a leather lounge whose colour most closely complements your styling choices and allows you to create a space that inspires awe.

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