How to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger in Preparation To Sell Up

Have a small apartment that you are looking to sell? With space at a premium, there are more small apartments on the market – however, everyone always wants a bigger place to live in! What this means for sellers is that you should seek to make your apartment look as large as possible when it comes time to sell.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to instantly gain more floor space by knocking a wall out adjoining your neighbors apartment (well, you really shouldn’t do that as they won’t be happy!), what you can do is use some clever styling tips to help free up space and make your place look bigger.

Here are our top tips for making your apartment appear larger:

Tip 1: Paint in light colours

The enemy of smaller apartments or houses is dark coloured walls, ceilings, and skirting. If your apartment presently has been painted in darker hues then it makes sense to invest in changing the colour scheme around. While stark white isn’t so popular, except for ceilings, you have a large range of slight off whites to choose from to make your apartment appear larger than it actually is.

Tip 2: Mirrors make spaces look bigger

Many businesses use this trick: using mirrors to make it appear as if a room looks bigger. Mirrors come in a dazzling array of shapes and sizes, so you have a look to choose from with this one. A large upright mirror placed in a living or sleeping area will open up the space, making it appear as if there is more to it than meets the eye.

Tip 3: Make your flooring flow through your space

A good way to make your space look bigger is by using the right flooring in your apartment. Light coloured floorings that extend the whole of your apartment can make it appear as though the whole space simply flows into each room.


How to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger in Preparation To Sell Up


Tip 4: Use clever storage solutions

Small apartments with clever storage solutions make for the best small apartments. If you don’t have much room, then opting for built-in storage and shelves, along with items like ottomans that double as storage work well for a small space. Potential buyers want to know that they have enough places to put their belongings, without them starting to clutter up a small apartment.

Tip 5: Forget the window coverings

Window coverings like curtains or blinds are very functional, in that they can keep out excess light or nosy neighbours, however, to really open up a room you need to get as much natural light in as possible. You can think about taking off your window coverings when you are looking to sell your house for this reason. Another option is switching to colour matched coverings that match the colour of your walls so that they really blend in next to each other when they are pulled back.

Tip 6: The right lighting can really make a difference

While lots of natural light flowing in through your windows can make your apartment appear bigger during the daylight, you need to be able to style the light when it’s dark outside or outcast. Items like large floor lamps, or the right brightness of overheads can really make a difference in a room. Make sure that your bulbs are not too dim, and consider adding lamps to open up spaces.

Tip 7: Make sure things aren’t too cluttered

If you’re the type of person who likes to collect a lot of knick-knacks, then you should make sure to remove or downsize your collection in the lead up to selling your apartment. While these items may have sentimental value for you, they can also make your apartment appear smaller than it actually is. Stick to styled items that make your home your welcoming but not so personalised.

Tip 8: Furniture with legs instead of to the floor

Furniture that is elevated slightly off the ground can give you slightly more space and make an apartment look more spacious. You can see the effects of this with sofas, beds, coffee tables, shelving, etc. If the furniture is elevated with legs it simply looks like there is more space to go around. You can use furniture rental companies to obtain the right furniture styling that frees up space in your home in the lead up to selling. If you don’t have the right look already, then these services can be a great way to make your home more attractive.


This article has been provided by Pabs Furniture. Pabs is a property Styling company in Australia who provide property styling and home staging service in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.


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