Underdeck water tanks are popular space-saving options. While they serve a similar function toother water tanks, their size and design make them more appropriate for storage under an existing deck. Appearance-wise, they are flatter than different water tank versions, although this alteration does not affect their storage capacity. Therefore, underdeck water tanks are a new way to approach water storage.

Benefits of Underdeck Water Tanks

Underdeck water tanks go below the deck. After installation, water flows into the tank via a roof and gutter system. Utilising the water from storage requires a pump. Therefore, in this way, underdeck tanks’ operation is identical to other underground and above-ground water tanks.In addition, they also offer the same cost-saving and environmental advantages.

The main difference between underdeck tanks and others is placement. However, in most cases, there are also numerous benefits to this positioning, including:

  • Acting as a practical solution where there is limited space.
  • Maximising yard space use as concealment will enable you to ‘double up’ on one area.
  • Keeping the tank out of sight helps you maintain your home’s aesthetics.
  • Water in the tank stays cool as there is no exposure to the suns’ heat.
  • The cooler water also slows down algae growth as the absence of direct sunlight interrupts the conditions necessary for such growth.
  • Using less space while storing the same high volumes of water. You can exponentially increase this capability by combining numerous tanks to form a single system.

If you would prefer to keep your entire storage and pump system out of sight, you can also opt for the use of a submersible pump. This device ensures that every part of your rainwater collection, storage and usage system stays out of sight. Moreover, this option offers additional space-saving options, particularly if you live in a densely populated area.

Maintaining Your Underdeck Water Tanks

Most underdeck water tanks are low maintenance. However, there remain some tasks to perform in order to keep your tank in optimum condition and ensure its longevity.

  • First, you have to perform periodic checks to certify that the pipes running water into and out of the tank remain in good condition.
  • It is also crucial to check that the tank maintains a watertight seal at the inlet.
  • You must also ensure that all pipe connections remain sound to avoid wasting water through leaks.
  • Install a leaf filter on your downpipe to catch debris and keep the water in your tank clean. You must also check the filter from time to time to ensure no displacement or blockages.

So, if you want a rainwater collection and storage solution that simultaneously offers significant space-saving, an underdeck water tank may be your ideal solution. In addition, most come with a manufacturer warranty to give some peace of mind when you use them. Call your local water storage experts today to discuss the underdeck water tank options available. Before you purchase one, it is also best to ensure that it is compliant with Australian Water Tank storage standards.

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