Built in Wardrobes

How To Add Stylish Finishes To Your Wardrobe

People are increasingly favouring built-in wardrobes over other choices because they are stylish, bigger, and easier to customize. Regarding personalisation, there are various ways through which you can make your wardrobe the standout furniture in your bedroom.

The following are some of the materials you can use to add stylish finishes to your built-in wardrobe.

White built-in wardrobe with an open door


Veneer is popular for its affordability, as well as its close resemblance with solid wood. It is made from thin sheets of wood and is available in multiple designs depending on your preferences. Also, it does not require an intensive maintenance routine. You can keep it looking new by polishing regularly.


People like laminate because of its diversity. There is an abundance of options to choose from, including glossy and matte finishes. It is also easy to clean and resistant to scratches. The only downside is its brittleness, which significantly affects its lifetime.


You can make your built-in wardrobe unique by adding a glass finish. Some of the common types of glass include clear, frosted, opaque, printed, and stained models. The design of your room should influence your choice in this regard. If you opt for clear glass, you need to ensure that the wardrobe stays organized at all times. Otherwise, people will see the mess inside.

It is advisable to go for opaque or stained glass. Besides privacy, these options reflect light, which increases the amount of light in the room.

Built in wardrobe with glass

Polyurethane Paint

Another way to make your built-in wardrobe more stylish is by applying polyurethane paint. Paints are in stock in a wide range of colours and give your wardrobe a bright glossy finish. Paint-coated closets are also easier to clean than standard options.

PVC foil

These are foils that are enjoined to medium-density fiberboards to make a decorate film. Similar to laminate, there are several variants of PVC foils. They are also resistant to scratches.

Solid Wood

Wood stands out from other finishes due to its ability to match the theme of any room. It is warm and classy and easy to maintain. Although it is costlier than other items on this list, it makes up for it by lasting for a long time. Once it begins losing its appearance, all you need to do is polish it. 


If you’d prefer a classic look, you can apply a metal finish to your wardrobe. The advantages of metal include longevity and robustness. On the downside, metal is susceptible to rust.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is mostly used in making kitchen cabinets. However, you can still use it to finish your built-in wardrobe. It is easy to maintain, and its reflective property creates the illusion that the room is bigger than it is.


The beauty of a built-in wardrobe is that it allows for customization. As seen above, there are various materials that you can use to enhance the appearance of your wardrobe. Make sure that the option you settle on matches the décor of your room so that the closet does not appear to be out of place.

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