How Incorporating Roller Shutters into Your Alfresco Design Can Help Control the Temperature

Roller shutters are perfect for your alfresco area. One of the many benefits is that they can help control and moderate the temperature of your outdoor entertaining space. But that’s not all. Roller shutters keep out unwanted intruders while providing an easy entrance and exit to your home. Installing roller shutters can help you open up space by allowing you to the freedom of open plan living.

Picture this. A seamless, open entry point from the patio to the kitchen where you and your family can roam freely. The line between outdoor and indoor becomes a blurred as your lounge room and entertaining areas in on the patio and can be securely locked down at the push of a button. If the open air of the outdoors becomes a little chilly, no problem. Just close the roller shutter and turn on the heater. The door will seal everything shut and trap the heat in. On the other hand, if the heat from the Summer sun is a little too much close the roller shutter and crank the air conditioning while you chill out in your outdoor/indoor living room.

How to Control the Temperature of Your Alfresco Area

Well, first you need to install some commercial roller shutters to your patio or veranda. This will give you the security you need to move your couches and entertainment system outside. By doing this you’re also freeing up an entire room in the house that can be used for a library or prep space for the kitchen.

If you already have an air conditioner installed in your home it may just be enough to keep the outside cool as well. If you find it’s not quite doing the job, install another air conditioner in the alfresco area. You might even be able to get away with installing some ducting that is hooked up to your existing air conditioner. This will be a matter of doing a simple test to see if your air conditioner can handle it. It all depends on the size of your air conditioner and the size of your alfresco area.

On the other end of the scale, when winter rolls around, it’s a good idea to have a fireplace in your outdoor entertaining area. It’s perfect to keep the Winter woollies away and provides a place for friends and family to congregate around.

You will need to install a chimney to keep the emissions out of your patio as the area will be sealed when the roller shutters are down. The bonus of this is that the heat will radiate inside the house as well making it toasty in warm in both areas as you go to and fro from in to out.

Like I said before the inside/outside line will be blurred and you will be surprised how open and spacious your house will become. Your new outdoor entertaining area will have all the comforts of your lounge room with the bonus addition of a fireplace, BBQ and dining room. It all depends on how much space you have to work with.

Personally, once I installed my roller shutters I have looked back. I have converted my outdoor area into a multi-functional space that has pretty much replaced the kitchen, dining room, and living room. I first started with creating my outdoor living room. The living room in the house is now used for a library. I got so accustomed to the alfresco life I installed an outdoor kitchen as well. With a fridge, a prep island and a barbecue. It makes like so much easier when we are entertaining guest. It also gives the family more options to get enjoy each other’s company or get space when we need it.

When it comes time to go out all I need to do is click a button the whole alfresco area is safe and secure. I thought it would be a problem regulating the temperature, especially in the winter. I was wrong. The fireplace provides more than enough heat for the outdoor area and the indoor kitchen. All I have to do is shut the doors to the rest of the house. Summer is no problem either. When it gets too hot I just close the rollers and this provides shelter from the sun and keeps it cool. If it gets too hot, I’ll turn up the air conditioning and again shut off the back rooms in the house and it cools down both areas indoor and outdoor.

Roller shutters are perfect for the alfresco areas and the benefits are only outweighed by their functionality. If you’re looking to gain some extra space in your home or simply crave some open plan living, roller shutters are the way to go.



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