How deep should your above ground and semi inground pool be?

Above ground and semi inground pools are popular. Although they are a compromise to in-ground pools, they still share some features. Depth is one of the trade-offs you get with an above ground pool. An in-ground pool is not limited when it comes to depth. If you have space and money you can go as deep as you wish. Well, only as deep as the council laws allow. On the other hand, above ground pools often stand at 4 feet deep. Semi inground pools go deeper but the big question still remains, how deep can these pools go?

Above ground pools

Unknown to many, not all above ground pools are the same size. More surprising is that the pools can even have a deep end. Most above ground pools come in the three wall heights; 4 feet, 4.3 feet and 4.5 feet. However, the water height often sits at around 6 feet. Vinyl liners allow the pool depth to go beyond 8 feet. Expandable liners in particular allows additional depth around the pool centre. Although standard pool liners are expandable, the expandable liners have roughly 12’’ more side vinyl material. As a result you get an additional foot of depth at the centre of the pool. The expendable liners allow a deep end orientation of the above ground pool.

Semi inground pool

In ground pools offer freedom in design while above ground swimming pools offer economic use of space. Semi inground pools are a great compromise and offer the best of both worlds. The pools are buried up to 75% in the ground offering a unique design in the backyard. More often than not, a deck design is installed around the pool to accentuate the aesthetic appeal. Semi-inground pools can accommodate great depths. Moreover, they do not need a flat floor like most above ground pools. Semi inground pools can be as deep as inground pools. The raised wall around the pool is mostly for privacy. The installation of semi-inground pools should be done by professionals. They will give the best recommendation for the structural dimensions and designs.

Another consideration to make when deciding on the depth of your semi-inground and above ground pool is the council laws. There are laws that govern how deep your pool can be. The laws are designed to ensure safety around pools and optimize construction around residential areas. Before undertaking an ambitious project to build a deep pool, consult your council laws.

Depth in any pool is a big consideration. If you have small children a shallow pool may be the safest option. However, if you have experienced swimmers in the house, a deep pool would be best suited for your backyard. Although you might be limited by size when it comes to above ground pools, you can still enjoy some depth. With the right construction and installation team you can get the dimensions you desire for your pool. There are limitations to owning an above ground pool and semi inground. However, depth doesn’t have to be one of them.

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