Hire a professional already

Hire a professional already

Why you need a cleaning professional this winter

“I can clean my own home, why pay someone else to do it?

We get it.

“No stranger, professional or not, can clean my home like I can.”

We get that too.

“I just don’t see why I need someone to come in here and clean when I’m at home all day.”

We’ve heard it all.

“I don’t trust some random person coming into my home!”

Yes, and that too.

We have responses to all of those common concerns when it comes to hiring a professional.

While all of those objections are valid, we are here to mitigate your worry and evolve your understanding to the benefits a professional cleaning service can bring to your home.Before counting these services out, consider hiring a professional for the upcoming winter months as there are some things us as homeowners fail to think about or simply don’t have the right equipment to perform.

Are you going to replace the air filters?

Air filters basically pull dust particles and other irritants from the air that enters your home. The goal of filters are to create a healthier, cleaner environment indoors. Filters also ensure too much dust doesn’t collect on the walls and floors, which also provide a nice looking home and nice indoor quality. HVAC filters should be changed every three months or so and are fairly inexpensive. It depends on where your unit is located that determines the ease of replacing the filter.

Are you going to clean the windows, both inside and outside?

Over time, debris collects on exterior window glass (interiors too) and the appearance can look grimy and cloudy after a while. This winter take the time to give your windows a deep clean on the inside and out. By scrubbing both sides and eliminating the debris film, more light will filter into the home. More light brightens up the home, warms it up in the winter days, and improves the mood.Don’t forget those window treatments while you’re at it. Or hire a professional instead!

Are you going to clean the furnace and chimney too?

Here we are going to assume your furnace is in working order (if not, consider a replacement) and simply needs preventative maintenance.  While you can do this yourself, people don’t think about the work involved with properly cleaning a furnace. Always think about cleaning your furnace when your energy bills and indoor temperatures are erratic.It absolutely best to have a professional to clean your chimney. We can’t recommend this enough as there are special tools needed to make the job as safe and healthy as possible. Taking care of your chimney eliminates fire hazards and ensures a smoke free home.

Don’t forget to flush out the sink drains and clean the refrigerator coils!

In the winter, a clogged pipe can be a disaster. At freezing temperatures, a clogged pipe can even freeze and burst and create more costly problems like water damage. It is extremely important to keep pipes drained with homemade cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda.We use our refrigerators everyday but probably few realize they are a big energy drain if not maintained properly. Use a special vacuum attachment or some type of condenser coil brush to remove unwanted debris from the coils. Dirty refrigerator coils can actually raise your electricity bills a few extra dollars if neglected!We hope you aren’t too overwhelmed. You’re not quite done yet.

Steam clean the carpet (and furniture)

Everyone (hopefully) vacuums regularly using a standard vacuum, but this is only a surface level clean. Over time, carpet and certain upholsterers justly need a deep, intense shampoo, one that can only be performed by a professional. A steam clean of your carpet can eliminate odors and refresh the space.As you can see, it’s more to a deep winter clean than just the surface. Consider a professional and make sure your home undergoes a proper “winter clean” this year to truly clear the air.


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