Hinged Wardrobes Vs Sliding Wardrobes

Choosing a built-in wardrobe can be challenging. Firstly, the cost of a new wardrobe can be a big investment. Secondly, it’s there for the long term. There are other things to consider, like: its best position, its size and the enormous range of materials to choose from. Today wardrobes are fully customizable, and offer infinite possibilities from the choice of materials to the layout inside of your wardrobe. Finally, you may get stuck on deciding between hinged door frames or sliding door frames.

Read on, for some helpful ideas to help you work out whether hinged door frames or sliding door frames will work better in your space.

Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are the traditional option and allow for full access to your wardrobe. As the name implies, hinges on the doors are attached to the wardrobe frame, allowing the doors to open outwards. Let’s look at some benefits that hinged doors have. First of all, the choice for door handles can add a style element to your room. Hinged doors repair easier than sliding doors too, should the need ever arise. With hinged doors, there is no track on the base of the wardrobe making them easier to clean. You could even install a mirror inside of the door if you don’t like obvious mirrors in your room. Finally, hinged doors allow you to see the entire contents of your wardrobe at the one time.


  • Hinged doors can only be opened to a 90 degree angle. Pushing them beyond this, can, overtime, cause the hinges to weaken and the door may fall off.
  • Hinged doors require swing space as they open outwards. This can be a deal breaker if you live in a small home with little elbow room.
  • There is a maximum width that hinged doors can have. Excessively wide doors can put too much strain on the hinges, causing weakness. Eventually, the doors may fall off.
  • The number of doors can also impact the dimensions in the room, hence too many doors can make the room appear more cluttered.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors work by moving along a top and bottom track and are sleek by design. As a contemporary option, ease of use is a major advantage with sliding doors as they slide along their tracks effortlessly. Other benefits of sliding doors include having less obvious door handles, as such, sliding doors will not clutter the visual look of a room. As sliding doors doors require no swing space, it makes them ideal when space is lacking. That’s a major benefit when you live in a small house. When space is limited, opting for sliding doors on your wardrobe can make a small room feel bigger. The width of each door can also come in wider options than regular hinged doors because hinged doors have limitations on their widths. This can really streamline the look of your room.


  • The tracks on sliding doors require regular cleaning to avoid dust and dirt settling in. Aside from cleanliness, this can also avoid jamming of the door due to debris getting stuck on the track. Cleaning the tracks on sliding doors can also be tricky, you really have to use the small nozzle attachment of your vacuum cleaner to get into the slots because dust can build up easily.
  • Doesn’t have the option of a walk-in-wardrobe effect.
  • Sliding doors are better when you have a larger sized wardrobe, making them unsuitable for people without many clothes.
  • Only one section of the wardrobe is visible at any one time. So if you want to view everything at a glance, it might not be a suitable option.


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