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Your business is an investment that takes up a lot of time and effort from its inception to the day to day operations. Protecting this investment is therefore imperative. One of the primary concerns that have arisen is the need to secure the premises that businesses occupy. This keeps the assets that belong to the business safe from such adverse effects as vandalism and theft. There have arisen numerous ways and means of securing companies, all of which have varying degrees of merit. These methods include:

  • Security cameras and CCTV
  • Specialised access panels.
  • Lockable gates and grills.
  • Special glass.
  • Roller shutters.

What are roller shutters?

Roller shutters are barriers often made of metal that form part of a mechanical system where sheets of metal are bound horizontally and attached to a barrel-like mechanism usually encased in a box. This box is then attached above the desired opening. When in use, the metal door, which is attached to tracks connected to each end of the containment box, will unfurl or retract the door by lifting or raising it as needed, depending on the command that has been input. Once lowered the metal door is designed to lie flush against the ground, thus forming a sealed barrier.

Roller shutters have become a popular option because of their ease of installation and operation. More often than not, roller shutters can be installed in new areas without having to make new and drastic changes to the space into which they are being fitted. Once in place, roller shutters are controlled in a variety of ways. Some are connected to an electric motor that is then used to raise and lower the shutter doors as needed. Others make use of manual pulley systems made apparent by the presence of a chain that hangs from the containment box. This chain will then be pulled in different directions to manoeuvre the shutter door accordingly.

Roller shutters are very versatile in their uses. Not only are they capable security devices, but they have also proven to be adequate weather barriers, thus protecting fragile glass storefront doors and windows from inclement to extreme weather. In addition to this, when constructed with the right specifications, roller shutters can also be used as part of a building’s fire safety system by providing a barrier in cases where high heat operations are involved. Insulated shutters cannot be overlooked for their valuable aid in energy-saving efforts for whatever space they are protecting.

Usage as part of a security system displays the effectiveness of the roller shutters. They are sturdy and able to withstand most attempts to breakthrough. In worst-case scenarios, roller shutters will deter any ne’er do wells long enough to force them into giving up or for the alarms to activate, thus alerting the authorities to the situation.

Installing roller shutters to help keep your business safe is a savvy choice that will pay dividends in the end. Professionally designed and installed shutters have been making it apparent that they are truly an asset to any business that takes them up as part of their security systems. You should have a service provider within your local area who would be able to provide roller shutters for your business. Call today to inquire about different roller shutter options available as you determine what would best suit the needs of your business.

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