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Why A Heater Makes An Awesome Housewarming Gift

We’ve all been in that position. Shopping for a housewarming gift for a friend, co-worker, or family is a hard task and getting that gift right is harder than you first anticipated. Toasters and kettles are all good and they have their practical uses, but hardly speak from the heart. Also, these gifts can’t really be used and enjoyed in a social scenario. They are also not very original and its highly likely that the friend or family member that owns the house hasn’t already received one (or several) and will be doing trips to the local supermarket to return them – or keep them packaged and re-gift them in the future. Who knows if you buy a new house, you might well be the recipient of your own toaster and the cycle continues.


So why not go for something that is practical, functional, can be enjoyed by all, and will warm the hearts of all in the vicinity? Why not give the gift of fire in the form of an outdoor or indoor heater? The perfect housewarming present for the new home buyer.


Indoor or outdoor heaters are a great gift and combine all the elements of a great gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come. The recipient’s outdoor barbecues will be a thing that legends are made from and cherished memories shared. With the extensive range of outdoor heaters available on the market this is an easy task, and finding an outdoor heater to suit your friends and family is as simple as a few clicks of a mouse button and maybe a phone call if you’re lucky. They come in a range of varying fuel sources, shapes and sizes and some are even multi-functional doubling as a pizza oven, fireplace, and oven. The ideal addition to anyone’s outdoor entertainment area.


Housewarming Gift



The Lopi range of indoor and outdoor heaters are a great way of warming the home and heart of your friends and family, making one an ideal housewarming present. Not only are they practical, Lopi fireplaces are stylish and soon become the centerpiece of any living room or outdoor entertainment area,becoming a talking point while providing welcoming warmth for dinner parties.


Imagine a cool winters night dinner party. A hive of activity is buzzing as the kids play board games by the fireplace, the adults share a drink and laugh while the kitchen gods and goddesses work their magic and prepare some gourmet food for all to share. The smiling faces and the belly laughter in the night, as everyone toasts the new homeowners, and as the glasses clink and the warm glow of the fire illuminates everyone’s faces filled with joy, the toasty warm fireplace keeps cracking and popping, providing the perfect soundscape for the precious memories in the making.


An indoor heater is an ideal present for the recipient’s lounge room and with the range of styles out there, there will surely be one to suit the sensibilities of even the fussiest person to shop for. A Regency built-in heater will be a welcomed present and be enjoyed by the entire family and friend group circle as you sit, open your favourite bottle of red, and enjoy each other’s company or enjoy a quiet night into together, as they curl up on a rug in front of fire with their legs intertwined sharing a moment and sharing in the laughter. The Regency built-in heater has an extra-large looking panel so you can see the magic of fire. Be mesmerized by the flames and comforted by the warmth as the fireplace is the gift that keeps on giving and the fast track to warming the hearts of all those around.


So when you’re looking for the perfect housewarming gift, look no further than an indoor or outdoor heater. They are a great gift and will bring people together. Fireplaces have that great ability to draws humans in and mesmerize them with all the light and warmth a fireplace provides. The large range of styles, shapes, and functions will make sure you have the best heater for your next housewarming party to suit even the fussy of friends. Give the gift of fire to your friends or family and keep them cozy this winter with a fireplace.


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