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Get Your BBQ Summer Ready With These Accessories

The tradition of hosting barbecues is tightly wound into the fabric of our society. Barbecues bring friends and families together. However, the art of grilling requires a bit of skill and the right tools to live up to the tradition. A barbecue is more than tossing a slice of meat on the barbecue grill. It’s a fine art that requires adequate preparation and proper selection of a barbecue grill and the accessories that spice up the experience. This summer, get your grill out and be ready with these accessories.


Charcoal Barbecue Grill

A good old-fashioned charcoal barbecue yields an unparalleled original barbecue taste. Barbecue grills are designed to be easy to use and efficient. The charcoal grill is one of the oldest grill selection but still remains one of the most popular.  Weber has one of the best charcoal grills in the market. Weber is famous for producing different grills including the original Kettle style barbecue. Here are some options available in the market.


  • The Kettle Series:

There is a wide range of Weber kettle bbq series with the same famous kettle design. The deep rounded drum and rounded lid sit atop a triangular base. The grill comes in different colours including crimson, smoke and original black. The Weber Compact Kettle is small and ideal for balconies while the Weber Ranch is the biggest in the world.


  • The Portable Barbecue Series

If you are looking to pack up your barbecue and take it for camping, Weber’s portable series is your best bet. The charcoal grills in the series are compact and easy to transport. There is no need to battle for barbecue spots, you can set up anywhere and enjoy great meals and good times.


  • The Smoker Series

Australians explore ingenious and delicious ways to cook their meat. The Weber Smoker Series offers easy and fun ways to smoke meat and leave a rich taste on a piece of steak. This new breed of smokers allows meat lovers to get creative and whip up tasty, slow-cooked meat feasts. The smoker has a long cylindrical design with a rounded top and a rounded bottom. The elongated design makes it the best choice for smoking.


Digital Meat Thermometer

A digital meat thermometer allows you to monitor the cooking progress of your steak, fillet, chop or chicken breast while entertaining your guests. You can step away from the grill and still monitor the progress of your cooking. The digital meat thermometer has a clear LCD screen remotely linked to stainless steel probes that remain inside your meat as it cooks. You can set heating targets or time limits and wait for the alarm to go off. A handheld meat thermometer also comes in handy when you need to take quick temperature readings from your meat. The thermometer takes quick accurate readings.


Barbecue Grill Light

Cooking outside in the dark is frustrating and dangerous. Most people try to maneuverer a handheld torch on one hand and a spatula on the other while cooking in the dark. Barbecue grill lights are a convenient solution to cooking in poorly lit areas. They can be clamped on the grill, perched on a flat surface or magnetically stuck on the ferrous metal on the grill. Some of the lights have flexible gooseneck designs that allow manipulation.


Meat Grilled on Charcoal Grill



High-Temperature Gloves

Barbequing involves handling hot meat on the smoker. Therefore, it’s important to protect yourself with the right pair of gloves. The ideal gloves for barbequing are waterproof, stain-proof and grease-proof. One of the most popular gloves among barbecue enthusiasts is the high-temperature premium gloves. It has a silicone grip on the palm to allow you to handle hot meat while cooking and transferring the meat.


Grill Brush

Cleaning the grill is a daunting task that requires the correct equipment. Many brushes exist on the market but few actually get the job done. The best brush allows a maximum force to be delivered as the cleaning is done. Different designs exist for grill brushes ranging from motorised grill brushes to brushes with water reservoirs that distribute steam over the grill to lift grit and grime while cutting through grease. For the best results, clean your grill while it’s hot.


Grill Basket

Scraping crusted bits of food off the grill is the worst part of a barbecue. Shrimp, sliced vegetables and hamburgers can slip through the grate and create a mess. A grill basket is a stainless steel basket that can be placed on top of the grill and filled with fries, shrimp and vegetables. You can even use the basket to hold your thin cut steak or other delicate meats. The basket is not only a cleaner holding unit but also it keeps the internal components of your grill clean.

Get the right accessories this summer and create memorable barbecue experiences.


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