Fencing Trends

Whether you have just bought a new home, or you are thinking of updating yours one of the first things you may be considering is the old paling fence. You really need a new fence, it’s perfect for security, and it can also revamp the look and feel of your whole property. With the help of a new fence, you can really embrace your yard and put it to more uses, knowing the dog or children can run around and be safe. There are so many fence designs that are here to stay and then there are some great new ideas – your options include

  • A black fence: black fences don’t have to be morbid, and can, in fac,t be all *dark and alluring*. At the end of the day, it’s personal preference some see them as too gloomy for a garden while others just like the look and allure – of doing something different that will become a talking point. Dark wood fences are both classic and modern. A black fence can be a great backdrop to your flower garden or shrubs. White flowers positioned with a black fence behind them look amazing. You can also have a dark coloured fence that isn’t black that still gives you a dramatic look – dark brown, dark green or navy blue. If you don’t want to paint your fence, you can always consider using a dark stain instead – stains don’t chip or peel.
  • An Aluminium Fence: if you would still like a dark fence, but you don’t want to go to the bother of painting or staining, aluminium fences give you the perfect maintenance free option. You can get aluminium fencing in both a boundary style fence which are panels of vertical bars joined at the top and bottom by rails – while these don’t give you privacy, they are great for front fences and around pools, balconies etc. Full panels are placed together to provide you with a fence for the backyard that is safe, secure and provides you with all the privacy you need.
  • Picket Fences: A timeless classic and still available today. The good news is if you choose a plain wooden picket fence you can paint it any colour of the rainbow you want, from the *traditional* white picket fence through to painting each individual slat a different colour. The picket fence is a classic style that just never goes out of fashion, they are also available in an aluminium form which saves any painting and maintenance issues. Wooden fences do look great and they do have that timeless elegant look to them, again, it doesn’t have to be made from wood – or aluminium. Picket fences can also be made from vinyl they look just like a wooden fence, but don’t have any of the maintenance issues.

Fencing Trends


  • Vegetable gardens: if you have space, a vegetable garden is the new *in thing*, planting fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and strawberries not only make your yard look good, it also provides your kitchen with lovely fresh vegetables – all cheaper than store bought. Of course, with people planting gardens, there is also the need to surround your garden with fencing to stop your dog digging, or to stop other animals getting in and eating your food before you get a chance to pick it. You can incorporate a lovely fence into your backyard, to protect it, showcase it and give a *backdrop* to your home-grown food source.
  • EcoFriendly Fences: Another option for keeping your vegetable garden safe and secure is to surround it with an eco-friendly or recycled fence. Recycled fences don’t HAVE to look recycled unless you want them to. Some people might opt to go for the truly recycled look using odd materials, sizes and colours, but there are recycled fences available that look *ordinary*. Just like with using vinyl, there are many recycled materials that can be made to look just like wood – not to mention fences that can be made using reclaimed wood.

These days it’s quite *big business* to use recycled materials to – up-cycle – this is where they take old items and repurpose them for other projects. Is your new fence going to replace an old existing paling fence? If it is, it may be worth considering trying to find a salvager or recycler first before just throwing it out at the tip. To the right person, your old fence could have limitless possibilities. That old fence could be turned into a bird house or planter boxes.

When it comes to buying a new fence for your property, it comes down to buying what YOU want not what everyone else is getting, or what’s *hot* right now. After all, that fence is going to be standing there for a long time.


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