oak flooring

Features of Oak Flooring

An oak is a tree or shrub in the Quercus family of the beech genus. Presently there are around 600 species of oaks around the globe. Among the different hardwoods flooring types in the market today, oak is one of the conventional flooring choices which is strong, elegant and has an eternal look. Oak Flooring exhibits a variation in the natural grain patterns, which gives each plank a unique look. Naturally, it is taupe in color and Oak can be colored from light to dark which makes it exceptionally versatile.


oak flooring


Oak has set a flooring benchmark in American houses for years. If you opt for a High-quality Oak flooring for your home it will add beauty and value to your home.



  1. Oak comes in ranges of color from grayish-white to yellowish-brown; full of bright and crisp shades. The grain adds characteristic to the wood without being too glitzy and is firm and fluid.
  2. One of the key reason as to why people frequently chooses Oak as a building material because it is hard to flail the look of red and white oak flooring.
  3. It is no surprise that choosing Hardwood floors in your home enhances the value of your home. Well, if you ever think of selling your home, oak flooring is a great choice. It truly improves the market value of your home.
  4. Oak Floor is sturdy; durable and compact and invulnerable to wear and tear.


Your oak floor will last a longer period of time if you treat it with a high-quality finish product.

When subjected to direct sunlight for long intervals of time Oak is likely to lose its color. So when you are not in the room, you can protect your oak floor by closing the drapes and also with a good finish. To reduce the scratch severity it is advisable to place felt pads on the base of furniture.


Oak seems to top the list out of all the wood flooring choices available today.

  1. Oak is a hard timber and is extremely abrasive. It has been used in the construction trade for centuries now and has validated sheer plausibility for durability. It is a fact those 200 years old reclaimed oak can still be purchased and looks beautiful.
  2. Similar to a good red wine, oak actually gets better with age. The color of the Oak floor will get richer within some years and if you like really take care of your oak floor it only will just get better and better.
  3. Oak has a very attractive grain which makes it perfect for flooring. Oak is the ultimate substitute to patterned carpet and linoleum. Due to its popularity and abundance oak is available in an impressive range of styles grades and dimensions.
  4. Oak is extremely resilient to fungus and insect attacks. Using the Oak floor gives your home a vintage, cultured and prestigious look.

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