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Everything You Need to Know About a Garden Shed

You have probably seen garden sheds in many homes. If not, you have probably come across images on brochures and gardening magazines.  Garden sheds are relatively small, semi-permanent building structures installed in a side yard or backyard of a residential property. They are versatile structures with varied styling, design and uses. More often than not the style adopted on a shed mirrors the main residence while blending in seamlessly with the landscape. There is a lot a garden shed has to offer but here are a few things you need to know if you are considering buying one or you’re curious.

The Build

Most garden sheds are either made from wood, metal or plastic. The three materials offer enough structural support to build a safe garden shed. Wood seamlessly blends in with outdoor spaces and performs exceptionally well on durability. However, wood needs treatment and painting for protection against wood rot. Metal and plastic garden sheds need little maintenance. They come in DIY kits that make installation simple. When it comes to the finer details, there are numerous options available for garden sheds. From lighting fixtures to storage spaces and plumbing systems, the possibilities are innumerable. Moreover, garden sheds come in different designs and no matter your taste there is a shed certain to fit your preferences.


The primary function of a garden shed it to store gardening tools. It’s a great space to store dangerous chemicals and delicate equipment. Wall hooks and cabinets ensure all hazardous tools and materials are kept safely. You can also put away items under lock and key. By offering storage alternatives, garden sheds aid in decluttering the main house. Moreover, the space is perfect for a work area. It’s private and if you enjoy a dirty hobby, a garden shed ensures all dirt is kept away from the main house. Some garden sheds serve as playhouses for children while others are home offices. Seedlings and potted plants can also do well in a garden shed. There is no limit to what you can do with a garden shed.

The Cost

The price tag on a garden shed varies depending on the design, finishing and build. Quality durable materials raise the price of a garden shed. Moreover, if the shed is big it will cost a lot. Each additional finishing is also an extra penny on the price. Cheap garden sheds use low-quality materials and don’t last for too long. You are safer taking a slightly more expensive garden shed that a cheap unit.


Garden sheds are simple to install. Some are delivered for DIY assembly while others need professional help. If you are handy and the assembly is simple, you can save money by setting up the entire structure on your own. However, complex installations may need professional assistance. Such installations demand a particular level of expertise. Garden shed installation may also mean renovating the surrounding landscape.

A good shed is a worthwhile investment. Its application may vary greatly but the installation requirements.

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