Everything You Need to Know About Home Staging

Everything You Need to Know About Home Staging

Considering property styling for sale or rent? It’s a must! If you’re curious about home staging, then this is the article for you. Learn about how it’s done, why it’s done, and even who it’s done by! We can guarantee that by the end of this read you’ll be sold on the up and coming field of home staging.

5 Facts About Home Staging

It’s (almost) essential to renting or selling a home

Have you ever walked into an empty home for sale or house for rent? It’s so odd and bare, and you really can’t imagine how exactly space will be taken up – it just looks so weird, doesn’t it! OR perhaps you’ve been through one of these homes where everything is so dated, or ugly, or mismatching, and you just feel sorry for the current people who are living there. This is why home styling is so important, so you aren’t thinking these sorts of strange thoughts instead of wondering how wonderful it would be to live in this home instead.

It should be in line with your style of home

That’s not to say that if you’ve got a 70s shack, then you should decorate like you’re living in the 70s! More like adding simple touches, perhaps like a beach shack and keeping things simple. This is opposed to, say if you have a 100-year-old cute cottage, where you can add the stylised turn of the century style touches to really bring together the style of the home with the furniture and decorations. The key to this is to marry the two perfectly.

It can up the price of your home to potential buyers

Did you know that you can increase the selling price of your home by adding good home staging? It doesn’t just make it look better; it can make buyers more convinced that, “This is the one I really want!”. If you are looking for an easy way to drive up the price without having to do any major renovations, then doing some good home staging is definitely the way to go about it without having to spend a whole lot of dough.

It doesn’t have to be your own furniture and touches

If your furniture and decoration around the home leave a look to be desired, or you have already moved everything out, then don’t distress! You are still able to add home staging – you can easily rent furniture and home decorations from a dedicated rental services company who do this very thing. Rent for as little or as long as you like – however long it takes to get your house from ready to go to sold!

It’s better to leave it to the professionals

While many of us might fancy ourselves as stylistically inclined, for the majority of us this simply isn’t the case – even if we do think so! Hiring a professional to do your home styling for you will ensure that you get the styling just right, perfectly fitted to your home’s style, colourings, and space. These home stylists are very experienced in working within people’s budgets to get the best effect for what they can spend. They’ll have services they can call on for rentals, or be a part of a larger company that also offers rental furniture and decoration for home staging.

Ready to give it a go? Check out home staging businesses in your area and give them a call to inquire about their services. You might be surprised at just how affordable your home staging efforts can be – even with the professionals in!

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