Why Engineered Flooring Has Become Trendy

Why Engineered Flooring Has Become Trendy

Engineered flooring has swept the interior design world by storm and the momentum is continuing to build. So what is engineered flooring? Ok let me give you a rundown on engineered flooring and why it has become such a sought after material when it comes to flooring.


Engineered flooring uses layers of a variety of different types of wood to create a floor board. They generally use ply for the underneath layers and the top layer is a higher quality wood such as oak. The layers are compressed and an adhesive is used to glue them together. The quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some use multi-layers of high-quality wood so they can be sanded back multiple times without exposing the ply. These days, engineered flooring is manufactured to high, stringent standards to ensure that they are strong and durable.


The quality, versatility, and multitude of styles has seen many people jumping on the engineered flooring bandwagon. They are the go-to flooring option when it comes to producing high-quality aesthetic results with a lower price tag for timber floors. Engineered flooring is specifically constructed to combat environmental changes such as the expansion from the heat they are also moisture resistant.


Solid hardwood flooring can be expensive, especially if you’re looking at exotic natural species of timber. Engineered wooden flooring provides a cost-effective alternative whilst still giving you the look you desire. The top layer will be of the wood of your choice. They will look the same. So, say you choose Maple. You will still get that beautiful maple wood grain throughout your house, as the top layer or top 3 layers will be maple.


People are also gravitating towards engineered flooring due to its versatility. It can be laid over almost any existing material such as concrete, pre-existing wooden flooring and over heating systems without the risk of degradation and distortion. They can also be manufactured to specific size requirements, which makes it handy for leveling out certain areas of your house and getting into those nooks and crannies without looking messy.


The various styles and stains make it popular amongst the design set these days. The colour stain palette and grain selection is huge. So no matter what your interior flooring design needs are, there will be an engineered flooring option to suit your home. They range from pale greys, in the middle, you have the natural browns, all the way to really dark shades.


My wife and I have been in the market for a new house lately. We’ve been searching around the Brisbane area which is famous for the old style Queenslanders. Queenslanders are wooden houses on stilts and almost every refurbished house was using engineered floorboards. The only reason I could tell was because I had done my research beforehand and learned how to identify the subtle differences. They feel like solid timber floorboards under the foot; sturdy, durable and solid.


These old Queenslander houses were stunning. From the outside, they looked like beautiful old Queenslanders with a nice paint job. The inside looked like a brand new designer home – and I think mostly it was due to using the engineered floor boards.


With a bit of foresight, the designers had modelled their feature walls to perfectly match the engineered floor boards with outstanding results. Some had even used engineered wood as the feature walls and bench top.


The sky is the limit when using engineered floorboards. So when it comes to designing or refurbishing your home, I would definitely give engineered flooring a thought. It’s solid, durable and versatile. The variety of styles gives you so many design options and a quick browse on the internet and you will see what is possible. Seriously, some people have achieved marvelous results and created themselves a wood cabin interior using engineered flooring. It’s not just a fad or a passing phase. Engineered flooring is the go-to option when it comes to flooring your home.


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