Commercial Roller Shutters

Different Types of Commercial Roller Shutters

More businesses have roller shutters because owners now appreciate their benefits. They deter burglars, offer more privacy, and protect your home from harsh weather.

Moreover, modern shutters are easy to install and have insulation properties that reduce energy consumption. These are perks that any business person would find appealing. However, the problem lies in choosing the best, given that there are many options.

The following is a list of commonly used commercial roller shutters.

Manual Roller Shutters

If you’re on a budget, this is your best option. These are manually operated and require little maintenance, as all you have to do is apply oil to the shutter.

Automatic Roller Shutters

Automatic shutters are costlier, but they offer more convenience. You can even use renewable sources like solar to power them. However, they need regular maintenance.

Manual and automatic shutters are the main types of roller shutters. Moving forward, there are subcategories, such as:

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium is ideal for people looking for manual shutters. Whether manual or electric, these don’t require a lot of effort to operate. They are also versatile, as you can install them on doors and windows. Additionally, they are weatherproof.

Built-in and Built-on Shutters

As the name suggests, built-in shutters are affixed to the door or window, meaning they disappear when wholly opened. They are suitable for people who love minimalist design.

On the other hand, built-on shutters consume more space and have a lower aesthetic appeal than their counterparts. Because of these, they are much cheaper and easier to install.

Collapsible Shutters

Collapsible shutters are the perfect fit for people who have limited space in their business premises. You don’t need much room in your overhead shutter to install this.

Usually, these have a hanger at the top and a floor tracker with a pin. You can open it in any direction, and even better, you can customise it to suit your specifications.

Grilled, Opaque, and Perforated Shutters

Standard roller shutters don’t offer the transparency that grilled shutters do. This is a useful feature for businesses that want their items to be seen by customers, especially after closing or at night.

Opaque shutters are a smart choice for business owners who like privacy or have nightshift workers. They prevent outsiders from seeing what’s going on and protect resting nightshift staff from the sun.

Like grilled shutters, perforated shutters allow customers to see through when you close and also in the night. Regardless, they also offer security to your premises.

Steel Shutters

Steel is renowned for its sturdiness, and its shutters don’t disappoint as well. If you want a long-lasting material, this is what you want to buy. Make sure that it’s stainless steel to prevent repairs or replacements resulting from rusting. Otherwise, paint it.

Bottom Line

Commercial roller shutters can reinforce the security of your business premises in two ways.

First, they are hard to penetrate because of the robust materials used in their construction. Second, would-be burglars find it risky to try to break in into such material.

Additionally, you can also choose from multiple designs. Whatever your preferences, you will get one that suits your needs.

What’s more, they save you the money that you’d have otherwise used on energy bills. This is because they have insulation properties that keep your property warm when cold outside and vice versa. Lastly, modern shutters don’t have the unsightly outlook characterised by older models. You can get a design that adds to your premises’ visual appeal. Thus, you no longer have to compromise looks for safety.

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