Different Areas You Can Use Marble

Marble is an attractive material that has mostly been used as a flooring option. It is a rock that forms through a metamorphosis when limestone undergoes extreme pressure and heat. Marble is available in various designs and colours, and it’s mined in quarries and caves. It is a durable and robust material that can withstand exposure to multiple elements in construction. Apart from flooring, marble is also used in many other areas as listed below.

1. Walls

A wall covered in marble is a sight to behold. Constructing walls out of marble is a tradition that nobles in Asia and Europe have practised for years. You can install marble onto a wall in its natural form or as a tile as is done on floors. It is a good option for walls as it does not require high maintenance practices.

2. Sinks

Marble is a better option for sinks as it does not erode easily after exposure to water. It is also easy to clean; hence it is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Counters

A marble counter makes a bold statement, especially for chefs. It does not suffer when in contact with hot cooking pots neither is it affected by knife cuts which are a given in the kitchen.

4. Used in Agriculture

In agricultural farming, marble is subjected to high temperatures to remove carbon dioxide found in the calcite. Following the lifting of carbon dioxide, the remaining substance is calcium oxide or lime. Calcium oxide reduces acidity in farm soil; it is also combined with fertilizer to increase farm yields.

5. Whiting

There is a type of marble that has an exceptional white colour that makes a product referred to as ‘whiting’. Whiting is in the form of a powder that is white in colour which brightens and fills paper and paints, among other products.

6. Making Sculptures

Marble is a lucid stone that lets some light pass through and illuminates a soft glow. It is easy to polish, which makes it the ideal material to make sculptures. It is also smooth, and this makes it easy to sculpt. The stone produces uniform properties after beautiful graining.

7. Cemetery Markers

Marble can also be useful in erecting headstones as it engraves and cuts easily. However, compared to granite, marble is affected by acid precipitation thus loses details after long time use.

8. Feed Supplement

Farm animals need a constant ration of calcium to ensure continuous production of eggs and milk. Animal feed is therefore fortified with calcium that is produced through the crushing of limestone into the powder form as it is malleable to animals.

9. Stairs

Marble stairs are luxurious and elegant; a row of stairs with marble finishes at a mansion is a sight to behold. Since a flight of stairs is a high traffic area, it can withstand the heavy traffic. Moreover, the stone is easy to clean and maintain.

10. Fountains

A water fountain in a home is a great boost to your living experience. The fountain is made more attractive by marble as a surface finish. The stone is fit for fountains as it does not erode despite the constant contact with water. In conclusion, marble has various uses in the home and other areas. Consult a reliable supplier and get sound advice for your purchase. State your intended use and exact specifications for the marble you want.

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