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Deluxe BBQ Models For This Summer

Summertime is all about enjoying late afternoon barbecues with family and friends. Barbecues have been part of human civilization for decades. If you are looking to have a great meal coupled with great company, barbecues offer the best of both worlds.Moreover, the mealsalways taste better in the company of the people you love. A lot goes into having a great barbecue; the company, the meat, and the grill. You can always call more friends or purchase different meat from the local butchery but for the grill, you buy it for long-term use. Therefore, it’s crucial to get the right barbecue. A wide variety of barbecues are available on the market. It’s hard to miss one that meets your needs. Here are some of the deluxe barbecue models available this summer.


The Original Premium Kettle

The Kettle barbecue is the most popular model sold in Australia. It has a timeless design that has become a household look in the barbecuing world. The Original Premium Kettle has all the features that made the original Kettle famous. In addition, it features a special high capacity container that traps the ashes. The build of the barbecue is sturdy and sleek. The vents, legs and ash catcherare all made of durable, no-rust aluminium. The handles and legs are welded to the barbecue before a porcelain enamel seal is applied. The bowl handles make it easy to move the barbecue. If you need to hang tongs, mitts or grill brushes, the barbecue comes with conveniently placed tool hooks.

The Weber One-Touch™ cleaning system is a standard feature on the barbecue. It’s made from premium grade aluminized steel and comes factory assembled. A single lever opens and closes the bottom vents and sweeps out the ashes. If you need to monitor the heat from your grill, the Kettle comes with a lid mounted thermometer. The cooking grill is nickel plated and allows for the addition of extra smoking woods and fuel. Firelighters can be placed directly under the charcoal for lighting thanks to the Rapidfire Charcoal V Grate and the charcoal baskets. The barbecue also comes with two aluminium drip trays and a cookbook complete with recipes and barbecuing tips.



BBQ Models

The Weber Ranch Kettle

This is the biggest Kettle barbecue on the market. It can prepare a meal for a large gathering and its ideal for house parties and corporate gatherings. It’s a sound investment for caterers and club owners. The barbecue has a 6900cm2 cooking area and it can cook a whole lamb in just under two hours. The barbecue has astonishing performance and it’s a crowd favourite due to its simple and elegant look. The Weber Ranch Kettle sits on crackproof all-weather wheels with locking casters to help with mobility and stability.

The system of the design of the Ranch has a porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid. The removable ash catcher is made of porcelain coated steel and makes ash disposal convenient. The unit has four baskets, three tool holders and 10 aluminium drip pans. The barbecue has a sturdy steel frame and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The sleek black design is a favourite in Sydney and the price of the barbecue offers the best value for money. If you are looking to completely change your barbecuing experience and serve feasts for large crowds, The Weber Ranch Kettle is the way to go.



Deluxe BBQ



The Masport Ambassador Deluxe

When it comes to premium inbuilt barbecues, Masport Berbeque has impressive models that offer quality service. The Ambassador Deluxe features six premium 304 stainless steel burners with stainless steel flame tamers, versatile side burners and infrared rear burner. The 6 burner system improves heat distribution while the rear infrared burner is perfect for radiant rotisserie cooking. The Ambassador Deluxe is a top model and a popular installation in Australian homes. It has a fully electronic ignition with a temperature gauge for controlled cooking. The convection style hood and the barbecue design aids the infusion of flavour and maintains steady cooking temperatures. The stainless steel grill is easy to clean. Bright LED central knobs come as a standard to augment the sleek design of the barbecue.


Weber Genesis II LX E440 Premium Gas Barbecue

A conversation about barbecue would not be complete without mentioning the Genesis II range of barbecues. The Genesis II LX E440 is the ultimate barbecue with a four-burner system and the new GS4 cooking system. Gas is a convenient fuel for barbecuing and has impeccable results. The Genesis II LX E440 employs new cutting-edge technology to revamp your barbecuing experience. It’s a worthy investment to make this summer.

The right grill coupled with the perfect slice are the secret ingredients to a tasty feast. Therefore, this summer explore the deluxe barbecue models for the ultimate experience. Enjoy you summer with tasty barbecues.


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