Concrete Swimming Pool

Considerations When Installing a Concrete Swimming Pool At Home

Owning a pool has some apparent benefits. It offers relaxation, exercise, privacy, and plenty of entertainment opportunities. It is no wonder that more Australians today are considering swimming pool installation.

In-ground swimming pools are a notable investment to make, and the options are always increasing. Doing some research will help you make the best choice. Below are a few key considerations to assist you in your pool installation journey.

Why Install a Swimming Pool?

Define the reasons for installing the swimming pool. These reasons will likely have a considerable influence on the shape, design, and size of constructions.

Do you want to use for relaxing, recreation, or competitive laps? Is the pool meant for your family and kids, or is it for improving the looks of your backyard?

Once you determine the purpose of your pool, it will be easier to make other decisions. Given that Australian homeowners are spending up to $50,000 on swimming pools, you must have solid reasons for justifying that expense.

Evaluate the Site

The location and size of your home will also affect the design, size of your new pool. Most urban sites will have strict requirements about locating the pool too near the property’s boundaries.

For any clarifications about your site’s suitability, request your chosen swimming pool building team to come and review the site. These skilled builders will give you accurate guidance about selecting the best place.

Use these tips when deciding the best site for your pool:

  • Review council regulations about pool coverage allowance and other building requirements like fencing to ensure you’re meeting your legal responsibilities.
  • Check the sightlines and ensure you can easily see the swimming pool from your home, especially for those with kids.
  • Exposure to sun and wind. The location should maximize exposure to the sun while adding some screens or plants can reduce evaporation.
  • Consider the accessibility of the pool as well as leaving space for people to relax when they aren’t in the water.

Determine What Will Surround the Pool

Whether you want a timber deck or tiles, the critical considerations here are maintenance and slip resistance. Also, consider the space that will be left once the pool is installed, as it may determine how thick the paving will be.

When choosing plants for enhancing the space near your pool, think about the maintenance, privacy, safety, texture, and color. Use a mix of plants, trees, ornamentals, and shrubs that will complement and blend in with your landscaping design.

Choose a Dependable Builder

Start with referrals from neighbors and friends who own swimming pools. These recommendations from your peers will likely point you towards reliable pool builders.

Also, check out SPASA Australia, a body that represents manufacturers and builders within the country’s spa and swimming pool industry. Review their previous work and hire a trustworthy builder to start the project.

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