Concrete Fireplace Mantel Options

In early times of previous centuries, fireplaces were once considered nothing more than functional home additions. Meaning they existed only to serve their function. All they were needed for was to house a fire and allow for the flame to give off adequate heat to warm up the house especially in the colder periods of winter and autumn seasons.


This, however, is no longer the case. Times are changing, and fireplaces now have a fundamental role to play in a room’s design and decor. They may act as the centrepiece of a room that pulls the room and its elements together or signify warmth and togetherness in a home as the family gathers around the fire, especially during cold winter and autumn months.


Since a fireplace has become one of the ways of bringing a room to life, choosing the appropriate material for your mantel has become extremely important. The mantle is a make or break where the fireplace stands in room decor, sometimes carrying the design aesthetic. For example, a steel mantel tends to give room an industrial feel; stone may add a rustic charm to a contemporary room; wood mantels often give off an air of elegance. However, a material whose utility in mantel construction is often underplayed is concrete.


Concrete has many qualities that make it a good option in construction and more so of fireplace mantels. Not only is it fireproof, but it is also durable and mouldable into all sorts of intricate shapes and forms. This gives the artisan and the client lots of room for creativity. On top of this, concrete is also quite affordable as compared to other materials such as marble and carved stone. This has greatly added to its rise to popularity in the world over.


It also comes in very many different shades and textures which makes it very versatile, unlike its counterparts such as marble. Whether you are looking for standard colours or a custom colour to match your room’s elements, the contractor will be able to whip up your desired shade by mixing different amounts of concrete, pigment admixture and aggregate. This, plus the fact that the finishing and texture of concrete can be varied to give either a smooth, elegant feel or a more rustic feel, makes concrete one of the most protean fireplace mantel materials.


So, what are some of the options one can explore when thinking about concrete fireplace mantels?


A common choice amongst homeowners today are contemporary style fireplace mantels. This goes well if your home has a contemporary and elegant look. Whether one may wish to go for more muted, natural tones or just a more streamlined structure, a contemporary style mantel could complement the feel of the room. One could also opt for a bright colour with an over mantel that extends to the ceiling in order to give your room a bit of pop. The flamboyant pop may act as the accent wall and that brings a whole aesthetic to the room.  Either way, concrete would be a great option for you.


One may also opt to go for a more ornate style fireplace surround. If your home is filled with sculptures, it may be fitting to complement your decor with a similarly styled mantel. Concrete is easy to mould to any shape or form, unlike stone or marble. This makes it very easy for an artisan to bring a client’s vision of intricate mantel figures and designs to life.


As you can see, concrete has many properties that make it the ideal fireplace mantel material. Being fireproof and solid, it can withstand the heat of a roaring fire. It also has heat retaining properties which ensures that it keeps your home warm even after the fire dies down. The options when it comes to concrete fireplace mantels are endless thanks to its moldability and variable colour tones. Your mantel can complement your decor or simply stand out, giving all who grace your home something to talk about. At the end of the day, concrete mantels can add dimension and life to an otherwise ordinary room.


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