Regency 900 models

A Close Look At The Regency 900 Models

The Regency story began in 1979, founded in Canada by Robert Little who had been making and designing wood stoves in his garage. Today the Regency fireplace products have become a world leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing home heating. Regency fireplaces now employ over 300 people and supply over 200 retailers in America, Japan, Europe, China and Sydney.

The core belief of the company is founded on 4 cornerstones

  • Clean burning efficiency
  • Good value
  • High quality products
  • Beautiful designs

With a large team of designers, creators, innovators and marketers all working as a team, to achieve one goal – creating a practical yet beautiful product that brings people together. Regency is proud to have been designing, employing and manufacturing their high-quality fireplaces for over 35 years.


Regency 900 models


From the very beginning the goal of Regency fireplaces has stayed the same – to make the finest range of fireplaces on the market. With an amazing commitment to quality that sees every product thoroughly inspected before it leaves the factory to ensure you get the very best fireplace.

Research and development is important with over 30 designers and engineers using the latest 3D CAD technology Regency maintains its reputation for innovation, value and quality. Thanks to certified in-house testing laboratories and cutting-edge manufacturing resources buyers in Sydney are able to purchase a highly efficient and stunning fireplace for their home.

When you buy a Regency fireplace, you are assured of customer satisfaction. Thanks to a team of dedicated technical and customer support professionals.

Let’s take a look at some of the fireplaces in the GF 900 series.


Regency GF900C Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

Thanks to sleek, linear styling the Regency GreenFire adds a modern look and feel to any home. This series offers a seamless design that is efficient, with a clean-burning zone. Add to this beautiful wide-angle flame set with ceramic stones or shimmering crystals heating has never been more stylish.

Features of this range include:

  • Three speed fan
  • RF remote control
  • A wide landscape fire with crystals and stones
  • Realistic ceramic glowing ember bed
  • Room sealed direct vent
  • Electronic ignition
  • Black enamel reflective side panels.

If all of this isn’t enough there are many add on’s or options available including * Premium glass fascia in black * contemporary door frame and fascia in black or brushed stainless steel * Optional trim kit for a clean edge finish *Optional framing kit *Stainless steel reflective side panels *Clean edge finish option (no fascia required) * LPG or ULPG conversion kits *Horizontal or vertical flue options *Black Fascia set *Heat distribution kit and air duct to distribute heat to other rooms *AstroCapTM venting system for horizontal termination and *Black or stainless steel inner door frame to mix and match.


Regency GF900L Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

Add a modern look and feel to any living area with the Regency GreenFire, a stunning fireplace with sleek, linear styling. The series features gorgeous wide-angle flames set with a coastal log fire and a seamless design, add to this a clean-burning zone and heating your home has never been more stylish

Features of this range include

  • Electronic ignition
  • Standard RF remote control
  • 3-speed fan
  • Room sealed direct vent
  • Wide landscape fire with a driftwood log set
  • Black enamel reflective side panels
  • Realistic ceramic glowing ember bed

Optional features available with this range include *Premium glass fascia in black *Optional framing kit *Contemporary door frame and fascia in black or brushed stainless steel *Heat distribution kit and air duct to distribute heat to other rooms *Clean edge finish option (no fascia required) *Optional trim kit for a clean edge finish *Stainless steel reflective side panels *Black or stainless steel inner door frame to mix and match *Horizontal or vertical flue options *LPG or ULPG conversion kits * AstoCapTM venting system for horizontal termination.


Regency GF900L Large Gas Fireplace

As with others in this range the Regency GreenFire brings a modern look and feel to your home with it’s sleek, linear lines and seamless design. With stunning wide-angle flames set on a coastal driftwood fire log, it’s the perfect efficient and clean-burning fireplace that is stylish and practical.

Standard features in this range include:

  • Remote control
  • Three-speed fan
  • Horizontal or vertical flue option
  • Electronic ignition
  • Reflective black enamel side inserts
  • Realistic glowing ember bed
  • A wide decorative landscape fire with driftwood log set


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