A Clean Carpet is a Magic Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Liverpool NSW (New South Wales) Australia

Home is where you spend most of your time with your family and friends. It would be more delightful and joyous when the environment is clean and pleasant to look at. Most people put up carpets in all the rooms in their home. Why?


A carpet is much safer than tiles or concrete, especially with babies around. A carpet adds a certain elegance and appeal to a room, with its texture and design. However, a carpet demands daily cleaning and sanitation to promote cleanliness, leading to good health.

Cleaning a carpet sounds like a simple job, but it is not. Simple sweeping and vacuuming won’t do the job. If you’re going to do it yourself, better do it well. However, if you really want your carpet to be clean and free from germs like Campylobacter, Norovirus, Fungi, and mold, hire HouseProud’s Carpet Cleaning Liverpool NSW services.

HouseProud Cleaning has been in business since 1999 in many cities here in Australia. These include Sydney, Melbourne, and now Liverpool in New South Wales State. Our services for carpet cleaning Liverpool NSW has been receiving good feedback, and we have been receiving job orders, one after another.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

HouseProud has foolproof ways of cleaning carpets:


  • High-Pressure Vacuum – A normal vacuum with a high and low air pressure won’t suck up all the micro bacteria and germs in the deepest threat of your carpet. HouseProud uses a high pressure vacuum that absorbs every tiny piece of contaminants and germs that hide in your carpet within minutes. If you have family members who have allergies and asthma, this is the advisable way to clean your carpet.
  • Water and Stain Removal – Our stain remover can eradicate all sorts of stain from all kinds of liquid components. Our stain remover doesn’t contain any strong chemicals that can be harmful to your family
  • Steam Clean and Quick Dry – After removing the stain and absorbing all germs, the most important process that comes next is steaming. Our steam clean residue is environmentally friendly, and the carpet will dry-out very quickly.


Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

One might say, “Why do I need to hire somebody to simply clean my carpet when I can do it on my own?” You’re right–you can. But can you fully sanitize the carpet with your vacuum and stain remover from the grocery? Carpet cleaning Liverpool NSW assures full cleanliness and nothing else. Think of this scenario. Your baby daughter is playing with her favorite rubber ball as she sits around the carpet floor. Kids love biting and tasting almost everything they see. She drops the ball on the carpet and then licks it over and over again. How sure are you that the germs colonizing your carpet won’t transfer to that ball that goes straight to your baby girl’s mouth? It might sound silly, but this is a real life case for many people not only in Australia.

Efficient and Trustworthy

In the Carpet Cleaning Liverpool NSW business, efficiency and trustworthiness are important. Efficiency is seen in the sanitation part, which ensures full cleanliness. On the other hand, trustworthiness is seen on the part of the homeowners, as they will always be at peace every time the cleaners enter their home. These people are here to clean and only clean. Carpet Cleaning Liverpool NSW is in good hands with HouseProud Cleaning Company. Make sure to seek their services regularly, preferably on a weekly basis, especially during the winter and allergy season. A clean home is a happy home. A clean carpet is a magic carpet. Its magic is that it always smells nice, making you unafraid to sit or lie on it. It’s pretty cool, right?

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