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Choosing Between Roof Restoration And Roof Replacement

The decision on whether to carry our repairs or completely replace a roof is one that plagues many homeowners, especially those who have older houses. The constant in this debate is that at some point, your roof will need repair, and when the time comes, you will have to pick between a restoration, and a complete overhaul. Both of these have the capacity to bring your roof back to life but that is where the similarities end. Restoration and replacement both have their individual benefits as well as certain drawbacks, and these are things you will need to consider when making a decision regarding your roof. To help you come to the best conclusion for whatever situation you are in, here are a few to mull over:


What Condition Is Your Roof In?

This is the biggest point of consideration as to whether you should go for a roof replacement or simply restore what you have. Replacements are necessitated by large scale damage that cannot be corrected by what contractors call simple procedures. Do not be fooled by the term however; simple procedures to a contractor is something in a completely different plane of existence to someone unskilled in roof matters. That being said, a replacements are usually carried out when there is irreparable structural damage to the roof support that could be a hazard to you and your family. For instance, should an entire tree fall on your house during a bad storm, then you are definitely in for a replacement job. This is because the trusses and other support beam will have sustained damage that cannot be simply patched up. Old roofs that have gone for long periods without proper care could have weather or termite damage that requires a total overhaul as well.

Restorations are carried out when you have “minor” damage on your roof. This could be anywhere from wind damage on the shingles or panes (when dealing with steel or aluminium roofs), to replacing a broken truss that was damaged in a storm. They are also done to take care of any leaks that might have sprung throughout the lifespan of the roof. Restorations are also done when the house simply needs a facelift; think of it as changing the paintjob on a car instead of buying an entirely new one.



Roof Restoration




Do You Have The Budgets For It?

Budgets will definitely come into play when deciding whether to go for a restoration or a replacement. The budgets on a complete roof overhaul will definitely be higher than when carrying out a refurbishment job. This is because the entire roof has to be removed first before a new one can be installed, which will take man hours and lots of material. Furthermore, if you are living in the house at the time, you and your family might have to find alternative living arrangements until the job is completed. Depending on the roofing material and the size of the roof, the job might take anywhere from two days to a week. Metal roofs are easier to replace, while concrete and terracotta tiles take a longer time and are more labour intensive.

Roof restoration, on the other hand, requires less material and labour, and the job will be done in a day or two. They typically cost about a third what it costs you to replace your roof, which is a big decider when you are working on a smaller budget. You can also stay in your house while the job is ongoing, which is definitely a plus. With metal roofs for instance, most of the restoration jobs require changing a few planes and taking care of any leaks, and applying a fresh coat of paint to make the roof look brand new. Concrete and slate roofs on the other hand require a bit more with some even needing the application of bitumen to seal leaks. Restorations are actually a great way to extend the lifespan of your roof by up to 15 years, and keep away the pain of an overhaul for as long as possible.



Roof Restoration



Think About The Environment

In this day of going green, you should really consider the effect a complete removal of your roof does to mother earth. A lot of roofing waste is generated, and it has to go somewhere once the job is done. Typically, it will end up in a landfill somewhere, most of which are filling up anyway. Restorations are the environmentally friendlier option since the waste generated is less by a great margin. This is why you should consult a roofing expert before making a decision on the way to go. In fact, when carrying out a refurbishment job, the money you save can be used to make your home more environmentally friendly, by increasing the insulation and adding solar water heaters for instance. This will reduce your carbon footprint as well.


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