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Celebrate your New Inground Pool with These Fun Activities

Summer’s just around the corner. You’ve already got things off to the perfect start with a swimming pool installation. Let us now look at some great fun activities to help you in celebrating the new inground pool. Also, with the Aussie climate making swimming accessible throughout the year, it is beneficial to learn how to make the most of your pool.

Fun Float Games

There is something utterly fantastic about floating in an inground pool to put your body into the ultimate relaxation mode. Nowadays, you can not only enjoy floating on a hot day but also make a fun statement with the floatation device you use. There are multiple fabulous floats to choose from that significantly enhance your swimming experience.

Once you have your floats, you can proceed to incorporate some fun games. Standing almost in the center of your inground pool, everyone then gets on top of their floats. Next, you can compete on who stays the longest on their float without falling into the pool.

Incorporate Fitness

Working out is a proven stress reliever that will usually leave you feeling great. Swimming is an easy exercise that many people can participate in across all ages. It is not hard on your joints and helps to increase flexibility. Also, it is ideal for losing weight and improving your feeling of wellbeing. There’s also that fantastic buoyancy feeling in swimming pools that are not offered by any other activity or sport.

When adding exercise to your swimming routine, you want to start slowly and build to a hard intensity with time. Start with swimming at least 50 yards while paying attention to your form and breathing. With time you can push to longer swims once you get comfortable with the water, and your endurance also increases.

Play Games

Classic games like Marco Polo, Simon Says, and volleyball are a staple in many inground concrete pools Sydney. These games will leave your kids with big smiles on their faces. There are plenty of swimming pool games you can all try out. They include racing each other to pretending to be divers and trying to retrieve treasures placed at the bottom of your inground pool. 


Your pool can also be the perfect setting to dive into an exciting book. Disappear into an engaging story besides your inground pool as you get a tan from the sun. Bring some lemonade or wine to enhance the reading experience.

Pool Party

The perfect fun activity for launching new inground concrete pools is a swimming pool party. Whether it is a massive party for a large group or just your family, pool parties are great for improving social connections. Add a barbecue, some music, and other party supplies to keep your guests happy. You can also include water games as part of the events to fully utilize your inground pool. 

There are numerous activities you can participate in and around inground concrete pools. Get in touch with a trusted swimming pool builder today to get your pool set up and start taking part in all the exciting activities shown above.

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