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Caring For Your Leather Lounge

If you have bought a leather couch, then you should be excited as you have invested in something durable, easy-to-care for, and a furniture item that will last for a lifetime. Well, this is as long as you avoid DIY options; taking care of your leather lounge can be easy and cheap. Before anything, determine the sort of leather you have. There is protected leather called semi-aniline leather, and aniline, which is an unprotected leather.

Caring for Unprotected Leather

This is generally dyed with aniline dye without any colour added. It is more susceptible to stains and has a less protective coating. Sometimes they apply a treatment that resists dirt. Caring for an unfinished leather lounge only needs a bit of dusting. If you don’t have the appropriate leather cleaner, simply use a dry cloth or one that is slightly moist. You can also use a vacuum with a soft brush, a cleaning option most find more manageable. But before anything, you should consult your designer from the label of your lounge to avoid destroying the couch as they might bypass the use of the warranty.

Caring for Protected Leather

Also known as pigmented leather, this is dyed with pigment colour, thus, making it more durable. This leather is usually stain-resistant and has a uniform appearance. When cleaning it, avoid alkali like ammonia. Do not use soaps or detergents that are corrosive; this could ruin the leather. It would help if you vacuumed the couch first with a soft brush attachment. Use a mild soap with distilled water. However, try this first on a concealed spot. If the leather does not react, wipe gently from the top, then dry it naturally. The leather couch requires uniform drying to avoid leaving marks on the seat.

Spills and Stains

For oily stains, do not use any water. A dry cloth will suffice. Consider using degreasers, but after a while, the stain will dissipate. If the stain lingers, it is recommended that a leather specialist cleans it for you, as different leather textures have different care kits, all this is to avoid any probable damages.

Conditioning Your Leather Couch

Sometimes, it is good to condition your leather lounge with a leather cream. Feel free to do so, occasionally—plump your leather pillows to maintain their natural look. You may consider placing your couch away from sunlight; overtime direct sunlight might make it look rusted. After cleaning, one thing that you should do is to maintain its natural shine. For this, we will have to buff the leather lounge with a soft cloth.


Taking care of leather lounges when following these steps, will be very easy and the leather will remain preserved for longer. There are different kinds of leather you can choose from, the pull-up leather that is oiled and waxed or distressed leather that enables it to feel soft. Whether you like pigmented or aniline leather lounges, ensure you apply conditioner every six to twelve months to maintain its authentic look.

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