Roof Maintenance

Best Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

The longevity of any house is as good as the roof over it. However, not all homeowners understand what it takes to maintain their roofs so as to get the best out of it. And as it goes, roof maintenance is by far cheaper than re-roofing. You do not need to be a professional to carry out some of these maintenance tips. Even when you need help, you can always get one before things get messy. Check out some of the things you can do to always keep your roof in good shape.

1. Watch Out for Leakages

Most often, the first thing that signals to most homeowners that their roof is faulty is the little drop or stain they notice whenever it rains. Yes, you should not take this signal for granted. In fact, the earlier you take an action or step to address this leakage, the better. Professionalism is required in handling this because by having a certified roofer to cover up the leak, you are extending your roof life and protecting your family.

Some other signs that all is not well with your roof can include unpleasant odours in some of your rooms, walls becoming stained, interior walls producing bulging patches, and different spots showing up at the exterior wall. You probably would need help in to fix any of these.

2. Take Care of Hanging Trees

Trees around the house are good windbreakers. However, when allowed to grow uncontrollably, any of their branches can become weak at any time. With a little stretch from a stormy wind, the weak branches could crash into your roof thereby destroying it. A way out is to constantly trim the branches of the trees around your house.

3. Don’t Leave Your Gutters Dirty

When your gutter becomes clogged, it makes it very easy for water to get into the base of the roof’s structure. The result is a lot of water stains that can quickly damage your roof in a few years. Cleaning it up at least two times in a year is highly recommended. However, you can limit it to once if you have an environment free of trees.

4. Allow Professionals to Inspect Your Roof

There are some structural damages that only a professional inspection can detect. That is why you should invite a competent roof professional to assess your roof at least once in two years.

5. Keep an Eye on the Chimneys

The common faults of most chimneys are cracks and missing mortars. If you can handle a trowel well, it may be possible for you to patch things up. But if you can’t your best bet is to call the attention of a trained professional to it.


It would take a while before you think of roof replacement if you carry out the necessary maintenance tips as prescribed in this piece. In all, you should ensure you are safe and call a professional if you don’t know how to go about remedying any fault you might have identified.

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