Engineered Wood Flooring

Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring looks almost exactly like solid wood with the added advantage of having hidden layers that make it more sturdy and resistant to the usual hardwood limitations.

This is perhaps what makes it the most sought after type of wood. In this article, we look at some of the advantages of engineered wood flooring.

It offers Durability

It has become very famous over the years; this is thanks to its longevity. It is the most preferred type of flooring, especially in kitchens, where other kinds of wood are likely to get damaged easily. It is designed with several layers that give it exceptional stability to withstand any pressure.

It is usually advisable that one takes caution when using this type of wood in areas where there is a likelihood of high humidity, as this can damage it.

Nevertheless, even with this, the wood still outperforms other floorings due to its ability to expand and contract, and often this is one reason why most opt for it over solid wood.

A cost-effective option

Its cost is affordable. When compared to some types of hardwood flooring, using this wood turns out to be far less expensive. The actual cost of buying this kind of wood might be slightly expensive. However, its installation is fairly easy, and won’t cost you as much money as solid wood.

Easy to install

As mentioned in the previous point, engineered wood is easy to install, which considerably lowers the overall costs of its use. Thanks to its simple tongue and groove system, all you have to do is to fit the boards together.

It is so simple as most homeowners who have time choose not to seek the services of a fitter and do it themselves.

Designed to be low maintenance

Maintaining this type of flooring is relatively straightforward. Compared to hardwood, it is not affected much by moisture; however, this should not be misconstrued to mean that it can handle large amounts of water. To clean, it is recommended that one uses a vacuum cleaner. In case there is dust, you can use a slightly damp mop to get rid of it.

In the event, there is a spillage of drinks; you ought to clean immediately to avoid staining.

Broad selection

There is a full range of wood design to choose from. You have a choice between traditional, contemporary, and modern.

It is up to you to decide the kind of style you would like for your home. Other than having a wide variety to choose from, you also get a broad price range. You will certainly get something you want without having to break the bank.

Conclusion: With these tips, we believe you have found one or two reasons why you should opt for engineered wood flooring. You will get something that is durable, but also one that is affordable and straight forward to install. Your floors will stand out and outlast your friends and neighbors who opt for other types.

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