Beefeater BBQ options

Beefeater has become a firm favourite among grilling experts, whether they’re cooking at home or popular grilling joints. The brand has perfected the production of grills and grilling accessories. Aside from gas-powered barbeque grills, they also manufacture coolers, mini-fridges, outdoor sinks, ad mobile kitchens.

Their products cater to every style and pocket, with price points ranging from $100 to well over $6,000. Features include heat control, electrical ignition, easy-clean options, rust-resistant surfaces, and desirable aesthetic value.

Discover the beauty of grilling


The Beefeater Discovery Series is characterised by a distinctive hood. The 1000 models have a rounded semi-circular hood, while the 1100 and above have low wedge-shaped ones. The Discovery Clubman is the only grill in the series that doesn’t have a hood. Instead, it has a flat top and trolley tray bottom for portable, lightweight grilling.

The Clubman comes in silver and black. Its flat cooking surface is weatherproof and rust-resistant, powered by four gas burners. Its foldable legs make for easy transport and storage. For hooded Discovery grills, you can buy an inbuilt for your home grill, or a wheeled unit for outdoor cooking. Discovery comes in three, four, and five burner options.

Gas fires are a leading cause of culinary accidents, so the Discovery is fire-proofed using the Anti-Flare Technology in its Vapouriser Grid & Reflector System. It reduces flaring and minimises gas consumption. Grilling plates are cast iron while the hoods are made of porcelain enamel. They use one-touch quartz ignition, and some units include a side burner.


Beefeater BBQ options

Signing your way to BBQ Fame


The Beefeater Signature range is similar to the Discovery, except that its hoods are a little deeper and there are no curved units. Also, the hoods are made of stainless steel or vitreous black enamel rather than porcelain enamel. To help with temperature control, every Signature Grill has an integrated thermometer under its hood.

Signature grills have warming racks for re-heating your food, and they give your food better flavour, moisture, and colour than a microwave. The hoods include viewing windows to ease your cooking process, and they have quartz electrical ignition that always lights the first time. Some units have a fail-safe device that cuts off the gas when the flame fails.

You can buy a Signature grill with three, four, or five burners. Some units are built-in countertop versions while others are portable wheeled models with side burners and work tables. Signature 3000s have porcelain enamel hoods for easy cleaning and heat distribution.

Indulge your inner Artisan


When you’re cooking outdoors, you need more than just a grill. It helps to have a place to keep your drinks cold, and a sink for handy clean-up. This is where Beefeater’s Artisan series comes in. It contains outdoor cooking essentials like mini-fridges, sinks, and storage shelves. The units can be bought separately or combined for your convenience.

You could start with a fridge. It holds 120 to 190 litres and has single, double, and triple door variants that are heated, insulated, and double-glazed. These fridges are made of stainless steel and can achieve temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius. The fridges have easy-to-clean shelves; automatic defrost on their doors, self-closing functions, and lockable latches.

For added functionality, get a comprehensive unit that has a fridge, a sink, and a stainless steel storage space. Alternatively, get an Artisan shelving unit fitted with in-built Signature grills. They come with granite tile and a variety of grill options, from stainless-steel hooded models to flat-tops with side burners.

Style it up with unusual shapes


Gas-powered grills are basically the same, or at least it seems that way. Nowadays, they all seem to have heat control and viewing panels. But if you want to make a bit of a style statement, you can pick a grill with an unusual shape. For example, the Beefeater Bugg is shaped like a dome on legs.

It has wing-shaped work tables on either side, and sits on wheeled legs, complete with a mesh ray. The dome sits on a pyramid stand which is then supported by stable legs and stylish wheels. It comes in black and amber, offering greater aesthetic value than a standard rectangular grill. It also has extra space for tools and seasonings.

If you’d prefer something a little more contemporary, try the ProLine series. These flat-top grills have an industrial, minimalist feel, with glossy surfaces of stainless steel, sharp angular features, and futuristic knobs and dials. You can buy a six burner unit, either with or without a hood. Both variants have cast iron hot plates and stainless steel covers.

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