For better or worse, many people are now more intimately familiar with their home interiors. This newfound acquaintance has had a cascading effect on homeowners’ psyche. Consequently, it has also given rise to a new home decorating movement that focuses on the psychological power of colour. As a result, you may be more drawn towards more colourful, mood-boosting pieces and bright interiors that perk up the mood and rejuvenate the home.

This trend of colour-focused and fashion-inspired home décor is known as ‘dopamine decorating’. And while you may not have realised that home interior décor serves other purposes besides beauty, this movement aims to boost serotonin levels by using colour to create an uplifting and positive atmosphere.

Here’s a guide on using happy paint colour ideas for an instant mood boost.

The loud, flashy neon colours strutting down the catwalk are not the only available option when selecting your ideal home décor palette. In this case, your personality, the emotions you want to convey within your home, and the space’s aesthetic elements play a major role in selecting your colour scheme. As a result, you can opt for subtle, minimalist tones or an all-out, live-out-loud alternative as long as it suits your preferences.

When choosing the right colours for your home, the first thing to consider is your present and future. What inspired your need for more colours? What are your plans regarding your residence? Do you plan to move soon, or is this your forever home? All these questions dictate your choice of colours. After all, it is possible to have calming, muted duck-egg blue tones and bold, over-the-top hues of electric blue in one home. The trick lies in making prudent choices.

If your personality skews toward the more reserved, then a subdued colour palette containing more muted hues may be the ideal choice. Moreover, opting for bright, shiny, ‘loud’ and uplifting is also quite acceptable if you have a more gregarious character. So, in essence, an outgoing person may feel better with a brightly-hued variation of a particular colour, while someone more staid will prefer a more subdued version.

Conversely, if you are preparing to put your home on the market and are therefore staging, it is important to focus on maintaining a sense of balance. A riot of colour will overpower prospective buyers’ senses, while dull toned-down options will only make your home look drearier, thus putting them off. Therefore, the secret here is striking a balance between revitalising a space while leaving enough of a ‘blank canvas allowance’ to allow prospective buyers to visualise the home as their own. For example, neutral backgrounds in chalky-white, crisp or blue-grey can be effective accent colours that enhance the décor and create a ‘wow!’ factor. On the other hand, a little boldness in the form of a yellow or orange dash is perfect for radiating a sense of sunshine and happiness while adding ‘zing’ to the room.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to clash. Some colour clashes are very effective mood boosters. For example, pairing blues with magentas, yellows and violets, pinks and greens, mustards and teal and lilac and orange all give a powerful dose of dopamine. In these cases, you may find that one of the most popular options is combining blush pink furniture with green plants and accessories.

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