Bathroom Renovation Trends

Today, the once humble bathroom has become one of the most inspiriting rooms in the house. At one time, all bathrooms were *created equal* the only differences available was the choice of tiles and colours. Today inspired by the bathrooms found in luxury hotels and at spas and retreats the manufacturers of bathroom fittings and fixtures are coming up with new designs and new bathroom layouts. From designing a new bathroom to renovating and old bathroom here are the latest trends to help you have a magical oasis rather than an old-fashioned bathroom.

Some of the most dramatic trends occurring in bathrooms around Australia now include –

Bathroom fittings – taps and shower heads are now available in a range of styles, with shower heads designed to save water while providing great luxury and comfort.

Bath – Freestanding bathtub designs run the gauntlet from minimalist sculptures to claw foot baths.

Toilets – they no longer HAVE to look like toilets anymore. You can choose a wall-mounted toilet, have the cistern installed in a wall cavity or chose from a range of modern designs.

Bathroom sinks – gone are the days of having one style only, today there is an enormous range of drop-in sinks or benchtop *vessels* to choose from.

Wall tiles – these now come in a HUGE range of colours, looks and styles – you can mix and match from a huge range including glass or metallic tiles, ceramic or porcelain tiles.

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Shower Screens – Today shower screens don’t have to look like showers either, you don’t have to have a step-in shower and you can get rid of the full-sized shower screen altogether. You can get frameless shower screens or install grating for drainage.

Bathroom lighting – this has also become an important part of bathroom design

Floor Tiles – can be large format tiles in rectangular or square shapes, or you can choose small mosaic style tiles. Edges can be square or come with a weathered and rounded look.

Skylights – have become a feature in many bathrooms today, it’s a great way to let in the natural light so you feel like you are bathing outside, but you don’t have to worry about privacy

Windows – today we have moved from small windows mounted high in the corner of a wall to windows that are much larger.

Bathroom storage – units today are more compact with better storage options

Designing your bathroom

If you only have a small space to work with a free-standing bathtub or wall mounted toilet will make the room appear larger, and if you add a large window or a skylight the room will look even bigger. Look for ways you can make your bathroom look more modern, you can have a plumber install a *vessel* style sink, or have a cabinet maker build a new vanity for you. An electrician can install new lighting over your vanity area and your cabinet maker can build a new storage area that matches your new vanity

If you want a complete bathroom renovation choose your colour scheme first and then take some time to look around and get to know all the styles of baths, toilets, vanities and showers and other fittings that are available. Choose styles that look good together, that complement each other and reflect the style of bathroom you have chosen. Perhaps you like the idea of a large window located near your bath or shower, but you are a little worried about privacy? Consider having a privacy screen installed outside the window. The screen will let light in and you’ll be able to see out, but no one will be able to see in.

Whether you just want to update an existing bathroom, or you want to renovate the room completely, choose elements that will create an impact and the ones that will work best in your space. You’d be surprised what a difference even the most inexpensive items can make. Shop around and get quotes you may be surprised to find that you can update your bathroom, for less than you thought possible.

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