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Are Travertine Pavers Right For You?

When doing your construction work, many questions come to mind. One of them is the type of flooring to use. Whether it’s for your interiors, outdoors, or whatever other places, you have an overwhelming number of options. 

How about if you’ve fallen in love with travertine pavers and you feel compelled to install it? Of course, that’s understandable, considering that they’re in use in many places and are delivering beautiful looks. 

In Australia, for example, you’ll find the floors of many hotels, commercial buildings, educational institutions, and residential homes fitted with travertine pavers. There are many reasons why most Australians love travertine pavers. But that shouldn’t be what drives you to use them. It’s essential that you understand their benefits and whether they’re the ideal ones for the place where you’d like to install them.

Are they the right ones for you? To answer that question, let’s have a look at some of the areas in which you can use them.

Spicing Up Your Walls

One of the best places to use travertine pavers is your walls. If you’ve got a wall that looks dull and old, consider using travertine pavers. Travertine pavers are great for your wall facelift because they come in different colours, allowing you to maintain colour consistency, while also enjoying the warmth that you need in your room. The beauty of travertine pavers is that you can use them to create different styles and themes, including traditional, rustic, and more.


Use Travertine Pavers Around The Swimming Pool 

If you know what travertine pavers look like, you must have seen them used by the poolside. The reason why they’re very famous around swimming pools is because they’re heat resistant and aren’t reflective of heat, ensuring that the area isn’t overly heated and your feet don’t burn. How terrible it’d be getting out of the swimming pool only to have your feet burn from too much heat on the tiles. By using travertine pavers, you’ve got this concern resolved. That’s not all, though. Travertine pavers are also a perfect choice for the poolside because they’re non-slip, boasting of a natural texture that gives a reliable grip, whether wet or dry.

Create a Classic Pathway

The pathway to your house tells so much about you and talks about the design of your home. Because you probably have a theme that you’d like to achieve at the end of your construction work, you need to get a pathway that helps you achieve that. It should also be a pathway that blends in with the rest of your home design. Because they’re both non-slip and heat resistant, travertine pavers remain the perfect choice for your paths. You can choose a consistent colour throughout your home or have different textures and colours, depending on what works best for you. Either way, travertine pavers gives you all the choices you need.

Indoor or Bathroom Floor

If you think that travertine pavers are for the outdoor alone, think again. They’re great for your indoors as well. You can use them on your floor and achieve your desired looks. The fact that you’ve got many options to pick from makes them an excellent choice for many homes, allowing high specificity when it comes to interior design. Also, because of their non-slip nature, travertine pavers are widely used in bathrooms.

Kitchen Top and Fireplace

Travertine pavers are an excellent choice for your kitchen top. The fact that they’re not damaged easily by water, soap, or heat makes them widely preferred. Moreover, because they can withstand an enormous amount of heat without suffering any damage, many people use them in in fireplaces, and the results have been amazing. 

These are just a few of the areas in which you can use travertine pavers. It’s, therefore, up to you to decide if they’re the ideal ones for your needs. Also, be sure that you put your desired design in mind as you purchase travertine pavers for your use.

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