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An outdoor bird aviary

Some people have dogs, and others have cats, but it’s the bird people that are exceptionally interesting. Some birds are so smart that they can have the intellect of a two-year-old child and even live to be 75 years old. When you have a pet that could live for so long, you need proper things in place to give them a happy life. And even if you have the type of bird or birds that don’t live as long, making their lives comfortable and easy is not that hard.

Planning an outdoor aviary:

1.   Size

You will have to decide what size will be best suited for your birds. This all depends on the size of your garden and what kinds of birds you keep. The entire point of an outdoor bird aviary is for your birds to have a space that they can fly around in.

2.   Where

Where will you situate your outdoor aviary? It shouldn’t be beneath a tree because that leaves them out of the sunshine. You should also place it somewhere where you can see it from your home. That way, you will always have a vision on it. This way, you can enjoy watching your birds from your kitchen or living room window without disturbing them.

3.   The weather

Placing your outdoor aviary in a space where the aviary is in direct sunlight isn’t a bad thing, as long as they have a roof where they can nest under and escape to when it gets too hot. With that being said, always make sure your birds have enough water to drink and bathe in. That way, they will always be hydrated and have a way of bathing and cooling down.

4.   Shape

There are many different shapes to choose from, and this all comes down to personal preference and what type of birds you have.

5.   DIY or professional help

Although building your very own outdoor bird aviary is possible if you are handy with tools, it can be one of the more difficult structures to build. If you don’t know what the inside of the aviary needs, you might end up building something that has to be taken apart or simply left forgotten in some corner of your backyard.

Some incredible professionals know exactly what your birds need and can even custom build it to their needs. All you have to do is give them the information on where and what size you want and they will gladly custom-build it. Keeping birds as pets can be an exciting and rewarding endeavour. But as with any pets, a lot of research needs to be done before you run out and purchase the first parrot you come across. Birds have specific needs and diets that should be respected and adhered to. Making sure you know everything there is to know and that the type of bird or birds you want to get is perfect for you can be as exciting as getting everything ready for them.

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