Weber Baby Q Range

Advantages Of Weber Baby Q Range

The Weber Q range of BBQs are compact, contemporary as well as powerful. These gas grills are incredibly versatile and give you food that is packed with flavour.

This range of grills come in different variations: the Baby Q series, the Weber Q series, the Family Q series and the latest member of the Q family, the Weber Family Q Built-In series.

In this article, we focus on the Baby Q series. This little BBQ comes packed with features and advantages. What are the benefits of Weber Baby Q, you ask? Let’s list them out.



Weber Baby Q Range


Benefits Of Weber Baby Q

  • Portable

The Weber Baby Q is called the traveling Q for a reason. Whether you use it in your home, or out in the bush or at the beach, this little BBQ can really give you total flexibility.


  • Economical

Flexibility is not its only advantage. The Weber Baby Q is seriously economical. You can cook more than 100 fantastic BBQ meals on your Baby Q with just one 9kg gas bottle.


  • Amazing Flavour

The Weber Baby Q’s design (in fact, all the Weber Q designs) is based on the original Weber Kettle design. The Kettle design that the Baby Q is derived from has a hood that ensure the smoke is circulated inside the BBQ. It is because of this that food cooked in the Weber Q range has a more intense and richer flavour.


  • Ease of Cleaning

The Weber Baby Q comes with split grills that are made with no-rust iron. This means that after you’re done grilling, you can just pick up the split grills off the BBQ and wash them safely. The Baby Q also comes equipped with an easy drip tray, which makes cleaning up even easier.


  • Hood Thermometer

The Weber Baby Q also has an inbuilt hood thermometer, which is great when you need to keep an eye on that roast you are cooking or that cake you are baking.


Weber Baby Q Range




  • Durable

This nifty little BBQ’s body and hood are made from cast aluminium. What this means is that your Weber Baby Q is not going to rust and that it is a hardy little BBQ that will survive the test of time.


  • Warranty Period is Great

The Baby Q BBQ comes with a 5-year limited warranty, as compared to most of its competition, which offer only a 1 year warranty for their BBQs.


  • Cookbook and Accessories

One very great advantage for the Weber Baby Q  bbq range is that the BBQ comes with a fantastic cookbook with recipes ranging from mouth-watering lemonade scones, apple and blackberry pies to juicy burgers and steaks.

And it’s not just the cookbook that you get. You also can beef up your Baby Q BBQ with a host of accessories such as the Baby Q Breakfast Plate, the Baby Q portable cart premium cover and the regular Baby Q cover, the Q 3 Metre LP Bayonet Hose, the Baby Q Roasting pack, the Weber stainless steel and metal protectant spray, the Weber all-purpose BBQ cleaner, the Baby Q easy-serve pizza tray (which comes in two sizes), the Baby Q duffle bag, the Q Cleaner, the Q Cookbox Scraper, the Small Q Frying pan and the Baby Q Half Hotplate. That is quite a collection of accessories for your Baby Q BBQ.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a compact, portable, easy to use and clean BBQ that also gives fantastic flavour, then the Weber Baby Q range of BBQs is for you.


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