9 Benefits a Fireplace Brings to Your Home

Wood fireplaces are useful, attractive and value-adding additions in the home. That’s why fireplaces are often at the top of homeowners’ remodeling wish lists. Are you considering a fireplace for your home?

Wood fireplaces offer numerous benefits for homeowners. From providing efficient heat to increasing the value of your home, a fireplace will be something you and your family will love for generations. Here are some benefits you can expect:

  1. Fireplaces Increase Your Home’s Market Value

The addition of a fireplace instantly increases the value of your home. In fact, industry estimates suggest a fireplace can boost your home’s market rate by up to 5-10 percent on average. One reason for this is that fireplaces are an effective sales tool. If you decide to sell your house, chances are the addition will increase buyer interest and lead to a faster sale.

  1. Fireplaces Offer A Compelling ROI

Compared to other home improvement projects, a fireplace offers a significant return. Some estimates suggest 90 percent of the installation costs are recouped in added home value. Kitchen and bathroom renovations, on the other hand, return as little as 50-60 percent.

  1. A Simple Addition that Can Transform Your Home

Fireplaces can completely change the look and feel of a room or outdoor patio. Before considering a complete remodel, you might try a fresh coat of paint and a fireplace. You’d be surprised at the difference one can make for a room’s décor.

  1. A Low-Cost Heating Solution

A fireplace can greatly reduce your reliance on your furnace for home heating. One reason is that fireplaces allow zone heating in the home. A fireplace can heat different areas, or zones, in your home where you spend a lot of time, reducing the need to heat underutilised spaces. Plus, during spring and fall, before you’ve turned your furnace on for the heating season, you can rely on a fireplace for heat, which also helps reduce traditional heating costs.

  1. Low-Maintenance Heating

Today’s wood fireplaces are designed for slower and more complete burns. That means you’ll spend less time refuelling the stove. Plus, modern fireplaces are also designed to reduce dust and soot, and burn cleaner, reducing the need for chimney sweeps and dusting around the house.


  1. Green Heating Made Simple

Wood is a sustainable fuel source that can help you reduce your reliance on fossil fuels for heating, especially a high-efficiency wood stove. In addition, today’s fireplaces are also designed to limit emissions, particularly wood fireplaces imported from Europe. Fireplaces are a widely used in Europe, and therefore, many of the latest green fireplace innovations originate there. This can help to greatly limit greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Enjoy Wood-Fired Warmth

Cosying up by the fire on a cold night and enjoying a glass of wine – there’s nothing quite like it. It’s romantic, and it’s the perfect way to set the mood in your home. Heating your home with wood is unlike any other type of heating; the aromatics, crackles and pops of burning wood will instantly transform your interior spaces into warm, cosy havens.

  1. Like Adding a Piece of Art

Fireplace design has come a long way in the last decade. Today, fireplaces are sleek and elegant – no longer an eyesore in the corner of the room. In fact, a contemporary European-inspired fireplace has the look and feel of fine art. Your addition will become the centrepiece of space, serving as an attractive design element.

  1. An Efficient Heating Source

New fireplaces are designed to reduce heat loss, which will help you cut down on the wood needed to heat your home. Many fireplaces are also equipped with heat banks, which are natural stone inserts that absorb the stove’s heat. After the fire has burned down, the heat bank then releases this stored energy, providing heat even after the fire is out.

Whether you’re remodelling or want to increase your home’s efficiency, a fireplace is a worthy addition to the home. You’ll save money on heating, increase the value of your home and you’ll spend numerous nights by the fire relaxing. Simply put, a home fireplace is worthy of your investment.



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