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8 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Home burglary. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time – even in a so-called “safe” suburb. Burglars are opportunists, and if they’re in your neighbourhood and looking for a chance to get a quick buck right now – well, then they’re going to test out your home.

Check out these tips on how to make your home more secure…

Use roller shutters on your windows

The most common way for a burglar to get in is through prying open a window or even smashing it open. If you install roller shutters over your windows this makes sure that they can’t get in through this method, and they’ll likely skip on over to the next house to give that a try instead.


Install a home security alarm

Security alarms in your home not only provide an audio deterrent for burgers – with the loud sirens they set off, many of them also have a security response team in place that will come and investigate in a given time period. All you have to do with these is remember to set them when you leave, and remember your unlock code when you come back inside again!


Set up security cameras

If you’re going to get burgled, then you want to have the best chance at catching the thief afterwards, too. Installing security cameras around your home and outside can help to capture their mug should the unthinkable happen. You can hand this footage over to police to help aid in their investigations into the matter.


8 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure


Ensure the outside of your home is well lit

If your home is very dark outside at night, then a burglar can easily hide in the shadows. By setting up lights around the outside of your home, this deters them from going near it as they don’t wish to be seen. Choose solar lights or ones with a good energy efficiency rating so your electricity bills won’t be too high from leaving them on at night time.


Get a (guard) dog

Always wanted a furry friend? Not only can they be your bestie, but they can also help to scare away burglars. Most dogs will bark at strangers, which means that you’ll have an audial cue if someone is trying to get into your house, or they’ll be scared off if the dog starts barking while you are out and about. Plus, they make great companions!


Use a safe for your valuables

Don’t leave valuables lying around! Thieves, like we mentioned, are opportunists, so they’ll simply grab whatever’s easiest so they can exit your home as soon as possible without getting caught. Purchase and install a secure safe that you can store all your valuables in, such as jewellery, cash, passports, important documents, laptops, etc. in. There is no way that a thief is going to attempt to crack your safe.


Knock down your tall fence

While it can be great to have a tall fence out the front of your house to offer you a little privacy from the street, a tall fence can also hide burglars from street view as they are scoping out your house. A burglar is less likely to be trying to get into a home in full view of the street, especially during daylight hours. If you’d still like a tall fence, either for your pets or kids to stay safe, then consider one that you can still see through.


Make friends with your neighbours

It can pay to be friendly! Go around and meet your neighbours and make friends with them, form a bit of an informal neighbourhood watch. If you don’t know your neighbours and they spot someone strange lurking around your home they may not be compelled to tell you. However, if you’re friendly, they’re likely to come over for a chat about it, or come over to see what’s going on and potentially scare them off. Plus, you can do the same for them, and then the whole street wins.

There are many different ways in which to make your home more secure so that you don’t get burgled – or if you do that they don’t make away with much, and they get caught! Mix and match our home security ideas to find the best combination for your home that works within your budget. Home security is up to you – don’t just think, “Well, I’ve got contents insurance to cover it”. Get proactive and protect your home and its contents yourself, and keep your home and your neighbourhood safe.

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