10 Ways to Blend Indoor Areas with Outdoor Areas

Bringing or connecting your outside areas and inside areas together can make your rooms feel connected and filled with light. It seems to encourage the flow between rooms or areas and, you will find it very hard to find any other way to connect inside and outside than by using glass. From starting a new build to renovating an existing home here are 10 ways you can bridge the inside and outside areas of your home.

10 Ways to Blend Indoor Areas with Outdoor Areas

  1. Create a *flow* that is seamless….. a perfect way to create an impressive entry way is to have an ample-sized pivoting glass door installed. If you can pair that with a wall of glass doors the light will really spill in. If you can lay the same flooring indoors and outdoors – for example, lovely slate tiles it will create an uninterrupted flow from the inside to the outside of your home. Having the same flooring allows your eye to carry from one room to another.
  2. An around corner window… when building new or renovating think outside the box, rather than 4 straight walls and a window, why not consider having a corner window installed. If you get rid of that *corner* of your house, you are opening your room up to a more *all around* view and this window will soon become the highlight of your home. Depending on where you live a corner window gives you a spectacular view. Put your window where it will make the biggest impact. Corner windows aren’t just for huge modern homes – they do a great job of bringing the outside in – even if it’s just to your backyard.
  3. Give your garden a more *private* entrance… A small garden that is just off the master bedroom is a lovely area for relaxing in. Some sliding glass doors will let you enjoy the view while you are inside while allowing in lots of extra natural lighting. Consider sectioning off a small area of your garden with some bushes and if necessary add a fence for privacy.
  4. Grow a garden beside your bathroom… you don’t have to have a huge yard to create a garden in, if you have just a narrow stretch of grass on the side of your house, plant some bamboo for privacy and open up your bathroom by adding a wall of glass.
  5. Add some shelter to an outdoor space … While it is good to have separate outdoor rooms – having a covered space next to the house is also convenient. Add some comfortable seating, an outside fire pit and you have a nice cosy *perch* to relax in all year around. A row of sliding or concertina patio doors allows you to either let the breeze in during summer or keep the cold out in winter while never losing your view.
  6. If you work from home, why not give your desk a lovely view. Position your desk in an upstairs room, right in front of a large window for the best views, you could even consider adding a wall to ceiling window to capture the best views and to maximise the light.
  7. Design a family room with lots of doors… a ground-floor family room can be enhanced with concertina doors that can be pulled away to blend indoors with outdoors perfectly. The lure of the outside might even drag the kids away from the TV for a game of footy or cricket!
  8. If possible take away a wall completely… Open up the side of your house by using wall to ceiling glass doors to you give your home that high-impact change that could even revolutionise your life! This feature is perfect for modern homes in areas where the climates don’t get too cold. It could work with older style homes, but you would need to call in a professional before undertaking any of this type of work yourself.
  9. Do you have a *breezeway*? If so, turn that roof into glass for a dose of sun all year around. If you can brighten up a space like this that connects one area of your house to another you’ll flood the adjoining rooms with natural light too.
  10. Continue your house’s’ shape… why not shape your patio to match exactly with the shape of your home. A wraparound patio that mirrors the shape of your house looks amazing, especially when paired with lots of windows and sliding glass doors, it makes the inside and outside areas feel connected, floods your home with light and brings the outside in.



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