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10 Faucets That Are Hot Right Now

A faucet is a simple tool that gives you hot or cold water, so you probably don’t think about its aesthetics too much. It does make a difference though. Think about the bathrooms in fancy hotels and upscale malls. Their artistic faucets are a big part of what elevates their sinks, so installing the right one at home will drastically raise your style rating. Here are some popular faucet options for 2018.

  1. Moen 7594ESRS (Kitchen)

Kitchen sinks are often piled high with dishes, so you want a no-fuss faucet to create more space. Taps with high arcs are helpful because they leave room to manoeuvre large pots and pans. The Moen 7594 fits on all accounts. It has a single handle positioned to the side of the faucet. The faucet itself is mounted on the deck, and is made from spot-resistant stainless steel, so it’s easy to keep it clean and shiny. That does help, because kitchen sinks are susceptible to food stains and grime. The faucet has optional no-touch motion sensors so you can open it by waving a hand near the faucet. There are also optional finishes of matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, or chrome.

  1. American Standard 7871 (Bathroom)

Traditional faucets have a tap on either side of the sink, with the faucet at the end of the handle. Contemporary styling favours centralised faucets, with a water spout in the middle and handle on each side. The American Standard 7871 follows this pattern, with the chrome-coloured handles embellished in porcelain. The faucet itself is made of brass, but the chrome colouring gives it a silvery finish. Be warned though, the faucet has an aerator that tends to make it drip for a few seconds after use.

  1. Kraus KPF 1602 (Kitchen)

This pull-down faucet has an unusual design. It’s made from heavy-duty brass with a chrome-coloured finish, and it has a powerful spring coiled around the faucet to create the pull-down effect. The spring allows you to tug the faucet into the desired position, allowing flexibility and mobility for kitchen sink use. It has a high-pressure pre-rinse spray to get rid of surface dish debris, and operates using a single handle. It comes with all the necessary hardware to install it and get it fully functional.

  1. Delta Cassidy 597LF (Bathroom)

For a bathroom tap with old-school appeal, go for the Delta Cassidy 597LF. It has 5 optional finishes, including a matte black venetian bronze design that would be at home in any roman bath. It has a single lever handle, and is mounted on the deck. Its pressure is a bit lower than usual at just 1.2GPM, and it can be a little tricky to install. Find a plumbers Sydney who has experience with these kids of faucets and save yourself the hassle.

  1. Kohler Devonshire K-394-4-CP (Bathroom)

Kohler faucets have a good reputation, and when you buy them, they’re pre-assembled with their valves included, which makes installation a ‘plug-and-play’ affair. The faucet has two handles and a high-curvature spout, and it has a highly polished chrome finish over construction of solid brass. The ceramic valves extend the life of the faucet, and you can install them on your own if you enjoy DIY. No plumbers required.

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  1. Kohler Bellera K-560-VS (Kitchen)

If you’d prefer a faucet of vibrant stainless steel, the Bellera will work for you. It’s a higher pressure tap, at 1.8GPM and it has a single handle and a high arch of 19.5 inches on a spout that can turn 360 degrees. Alternate finishes include polished chrome and oil-rubbed bronze in case the mild sheen of stainless steel isn’t to your liking.  The lever goes up and down rather than left and right. The lower it bends, the hotter the water, and the water itself can pause, stream, or spray at the touch of its three-function button.

  1. Delta 9178-AR-DST (Kitchen)

Another high-pressure faucet is this Arctic Stainless Delta that flows at 1.8GPM. Its base is brass, and the arctic steel finish can be swapped for Venetian bronze or chrome. Its spray head has an integrated magnet with a lifetime guarantee so you can attach and detach spray heads limitlessly. The faucet has diamond embedded sealants, and you can clean accumulated lime from the spray heads with a single touch. The base of the faucet has a fun colour indicator that shows the temperature of the water.

  1. Delta Dryden 3551LF (Bathroom)

This faucet is all corners, lines, and sharp edges, giving it a clean, contemporary look. It’s a hi-tech model, with Water Sense for 20% water conservation, and diamond seals for a longer lifespan. You may have to install it on a thin sink though, because it has no nut extenders to make up for extra girth.

  1. Décor Star TPC11-TO (Kitchen)

At 2.2GPM, this is the most powerful pressured faucet we have looked at so far. It has an oil-rubbed bronze finish over a brass base, and its single handle tap requires manual installation. Its price range is on the lower end, but it has cool features like a high swivel, a spray head with spray and stream settings, and a lengthy 26-inch extendable spout. Alternate finishes are chrome and brushed nickel. The faucet has a wide spread, two handles, and a high spout.

  1. Moen Voss T6905BN (Bathroom)

Tight sink set-ups can make your whole bathroom seem smaller than it is. The Moen Voss T6905 has a wide spread, which means there’s adequate room between the two handles and the faucet itself. The handles are separate from the water outlet, and the faucet has a high neck, increasing the perception of depth and space. The construction material is chrome, and the colour is brushed nickel, making your bathroom plumbing stylish and easy to clean. The valves aren’t included though, so ask your plumber to guide you on the necessary ‘nuts and bolts’ to make your taps actually work.


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